Giants Updated Playoff Picture

Going into today, the Giants could have clinched a playoff spot with a win and losses by Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Washington. A Redskins tie also would have sufficed.

Some of that happened….

Minnesota (9-6) defeated Houston, 23-6. Washington (9-6) got by Philly, 27-20. Dallas (8-7) lost in OT to New Orleans and Chicago (8-6) plays Arizona in the late game.

So….there will be no playoff berth decided for anyone today. The Giants still control their playoff destiny with two wins. They also cannot be eliminated today.

Washington could have clinched a playoff spot had the Giants, Chicago and Minnesota all lost. They can win the NFC East with a victory over Dallas at home next week.

They could also could have gotten a spot if they won and Chicago, Minnesota, Washington all lost and Dallas tied, but that’s out the question now as well.