Division Title Chances Narrowing for Giants

Still Control Playoff Destiny, but Need Help for Division Title 

Yes, folks, we knew it was going to come to this. The Giants lost, the Redskins and Cowboys won. Everyone is 8-6 with two games remaining. Currently, under the NFL tiebreaking procedures (see below link), the Redskins are in first place.

According to the NFL, if the Giants win their final two games they will be in the playoffs. The division is basically out of reach right now. They would have to outplay both teams and hope each team split their final two games.

At 10-6, the Giants would either be ahead or tied with either the Cowboys or the Redskins, who play one another in Week 17. Only one of them can get to 10-6. The Giants would lose the division due to the tiebreaker.

The best the Giants can do in the NFC East is 3-3 by virtue of a win over the Eagles in Week 17. If Dallas goes 10-6, they would be 4-2 in the division and NFC champs. If Washington goes 10-6, they would be NFC champions with a 5-1 division record.

The Giants have a better shot at the sixth seed, or second wildcard slot. If they win their final two, they are in.

The 49ers have clinched a playoff spot and Seahawks, Bears, Vikings, Cowboys and Redskins are the only other teams that can get to 10 wins. The Seahawks have nine wins and can get to 11, which would wrap up the fifth seed. The others are all 8-6.

If either of the Redskins or Cowboys get to 10, they win the division. The other would only have nine wins, and would be out if the Giants went 10-6. The tiebreaker for three or more teams is conference record. Minnesota and Chicago also have five NFC losses. If Seattle goes 10-6, they would also have five. The Giants will only have four and qualify via the tiebreaker.

This is all still evolving. After next week’s games, things should become clearer. Should…

NFL Tiebreaking Procedures