Army’s Steelman Impresses in Shrine Game

Jimmy Kempski of Blogging the Beast told us he saw some Giant reps talking with Army QB Trent Steelman at the East-West Shrine workouts in St. Petersburg this week. Steelman, a QB who is displaying his wares as a possible multi-pronged threat for NFL scouts, was the captain of the East squad and scored on a 7-yard TD run. He also acted as a receiver and long snapper.

Steelman is the type of everyman teams are putting a high value on these days. With roster spots at a premium, versatility is king, and Steelman looks like he can wear a multitude of hats….

From Army Football blogger Sal Interdonato of

NFL Network analysts Charles Davis and Mike Mayock were both impressed with Steelman during East-West Shrine week.

Mayock compared Steelman to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman twice.

“He’s quick,” Mayock said. “He’s tough. He’s smart. He’s got really good hands. He’s kind of raw for a receiver but I talked to several coaches before the game and they are all saying that he has a feel for it. He may have a commitment to the United States Army but he’s going to have an opportunity in somebody’s camp.”

Davis went one step further. “What really impressed me about him this week were his hands as a receiver,” Davis said. “I had someone say he’s a quarterback, he touches it all of the time. But quarterbacks are not use to catching it coming at them at that speed. That’s different. That’s not just taking a snap under center or s shotgun snap that’s going to be softer. I’m talking about guys throwing bullets and I didn’t see him drop a whole lot. He’s go out and runs the route. It might break off at 12 (yards) instead of 14. But still the hands, this kid is going to make someone’s roster. He’s going to make someone’s roster.”