Te’o Sags at Combine: Still Want Him?

Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o did nothing to increase his value today at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. His 4.82 time in the 40-yard dash disappointed many NFL scouts, executives and coaches to the point where he has fallen out of favor and off many of their draft boards.

As per Chris Wesserling of NFL.com:

To put Te’o’s run in perspective, recall that 346-pound Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe nearly equaled that time at 4.87 last year. Checking in smaller than expected at 241 pounds, Te’o needed to crack 4.75 to erase doubts about his athleticism and ability to play all three downs. Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh was less than impressed.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

There are many who still believe that Te’o’s field savvy and ‘nose for the ball’ will keep his stock high. Not this writer. I cannot get Te’o’s last college performance out of my head. Alabama simply steamrolled him, almost in the same way Bo Jackson flattened Brian Bosworth. To me, Te’o is a pretty good player who has gotten an enormous amount of media attention over his career because of where he played. That has skewed the public’s perception of his worth both on and off the field.

Perhaps a team will still take him in the first round, but I don’t see the Giants being that team. He just isn’t putting up the numbers to warrant taking him at #19. I’m not sure if he’s better than any of the LBs the Giants are considering using this season. He’s nowhere as fast as Jacquian Williams (who is?) and its beginning to look like Mark Herzlich and/or Spencer Paysinger (two UDFAs) bring just as much to the table (san all the baggage) right as Te’o does.