2013 NFL Draft Top 5 WR & TE Prospects

Kel Dansby

  1. Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tenn – Patterson was the best kept secret entering the 2012 NCAA season. There were whispers about a Junior College kid that could add a different dynamic to an already talented receiver corps. Little did everyone know Patterson would become the star of that group and show the ability to take over games. Patterson scored through the air, on the ground, and it the return game this season for the Vols. He was often the fastest player on the field, and that says a lot in the SEC. At 6’3″ 200 lbs he could run a sub 4.4 at the combine.
  2. Keenan Allen WR Cal – Allen is the #1 receiver on many big boards and his size/strength combo is hard to match. Allen is a decent route runner and has shwon that he can make the tough catches over the middle. He is number two on this list but he is the most NFL ready wide out and will start from day one for a team.
  3. DeAndre Hopkins WR Clem – Hopkins in game speed is mind boggling. He will probably run somewhere in the 4.37 range at the combine but that hardly reflects how fast he is in pads. He makes defenders seem as though they are standing still when he runs routes. His dependable hands and crisp cuts make him tailored to the NFL game.
  4. Da’Rick Rogers WR Tenn Tech – Rogers has first round talent, but has 7th round character. Countless disciplinary problems at Tennessee led to his dismissal and the maturity still isn’t there. With that said the kid can ball and that is what ultimately matters in the NFL.  Rogers’ hands are comparable to Hakeem Nicks, he rarely drops passes. He will make a team extremely happy in the 2nd round.
  5. Terrance Williams WR Baylor – Williams isn’t the fastest player in this draft class but he showed last season that he is a top tier receiver. His production increased after RGIII went pro and he dominated games last season. His 300+ yard game against West Virginia showcased his sleek route running and understanding of zone concepts.


  1. Tyler Eifert TE ND – Eiffert has been my #1 tight end prospect all year and I feel that he would have been the #1 TE in last years class as well. Eifert doesn’t shy away from the big game and he was the primary target for the Irish this season in crunch time. Eifert entered ND as a WR so they often split him out to create mismatches against under sized corners. He has improved his blocking every season and would be a perfect fit for the Giants late if they trade down in the 1st or if he slips in the 2nd.
  2. Zach Ertz TE Stan – Ertz had a great season at Stanford, leading the team in receptions and yards, which led to him becoming the #1 TE prospect on many boards entering the combine. Ertz has an elevated understanding of the pro-style offense and could slide into a teams starting lineup with ease.
  3. Jordan Reed TE Fla – Jordan Reed has the most upside at tight end. he began his career at Florida as a Tebow-esque QB and moved to TE when they went pro-style. He is a carbon copy of Patriots Tight End Hernandez, also from Florida. He can’t be a teams primary blocker but he can create match up problems for opposing defenses.
  4. Ryan Otten TE SJS – What makes Otten good is his dependability. The guy never blows an assignment and always runs the correct route. He is a chain mover, he won’t catch fades down the field against DBs but he will always pick up the 3rd & 7 over the middle. He improved his work in the red zone this season and would make a great 2nd TE for a run heavy team.
  5. Levine Toilolo TE Stan – I’m hire on Toilolo than most but a 6’8″ run blocker with soft hands is hard to come by in the draft. Double TE formations would become as much passing threats as the are running threats. He is also a QB’s best friend in the red zone, using his tall frame to get balls that defensive backs can’t defend.