Looks Like Fireman Ed Has Had Enough

Twitter is abuzz with the revelation that Ed (Fireman Ed) Anzalone left last night’s Jets-Patriots mess at halftime and deleted his Twitter account, probably to avoid any regrettable comments or confrontations.

Some are calling him a fraud. Others are wondering “if he can’t take anymore, who can?”

The truth is evident. Ed is not a fraud, nor do we have confirmation that he actually left the building. He is a passionate fan who had probably seen enough for one night. The TV cameras were focusing on his dour mood, and knowing Ed, he decided to get out of sight before he wore more of his heart on his sleeve in public.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Then, there is the possibility that Eddie has finally come to his senses and quit. He’s getting too old for this stuff and perhaps he took my advice that he’s been rooting for the wrong NY team the past 40 years. He would never consider donning blue, and I think we all know that that could only have worked out in bizarro world….