With Bradshaw Doubtful, Wilson Ready to Assume Workload

The WheelHouse discuss whether Giants running back David Wilson can be an every-down back in the NFL.

Giants’ RB David Wilson has gone from the depths of the Giants’ bench (doghouse) to their latest and most explosive young star. Today, Wilson is basking in the glow of being named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week but he is also attracting attention because of his increasing role in the offense.

It was learned Wednesday that top dog Ahmad Bradshaw has a knee sprain,and even though he is known to play through pain, it is not believed that he will play this week in Atlanta. That puts the onus squarely on Wilson, who after riding the pines for three months has emerged as the Giants’ newest weapon. He spoke with reporters after practice yesterday.

If you have to handle the load, how much confidence does last week’s performance give you?
“To come out and create some of the plays that the team helped me create, and being able to show my explosiveness and getting in the mix a little bit; going into the next game it’s not like I’m just thrown in there. I had a couple plays and stayed in for a little while and had drives. It does help with confidence.”

How does it feel knowing that Atlanta now has some film on you and they’re going to be looking for you?
Yeah, last week the Saints probably weren’t expecting to even worry about me getting in the game, but now teams have film on me and they’ll be preparing. We can see what it really is.

Does that change anything for you?
No, like I said, the whole time I’ve been preparing and working hard so when my number is called I’ll be ready. That happened last game and I think I handled it pretty well. Like I said, I’m going to keep working hard and moving forward and getting better because the season is narrowing down. I want to definitely be able to continue to contribute.

When you look at Ahmad Bradshaw and his sprained knee, that’s not an easy thing to come back from is it?
No, definitely not. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to not get injured, so I don’t know how that feels. Only the doctors and he can really tell.

Are you expecting to be “the guy” this week?
Like I said, I always prepare for it that way. Whenever my number is called I’ll be ready. I’m going through practice this week like I do any other practice.

It’s been almost a year since you carried the ball 20-25 times, how concerned are you with having to do that in the third and fourth quarter?
It’s football. I’ve been playing it for awhile now so getting carries and getting a load, so to say, it’s a team sport. The coaches know that. They know how to figure it out and decipher and give breathers, and I’m not the only running back on the team.

Having the opportunity to carry the football an extended period of time last week, did you feel it was easier to get going than just going in sporadically for a few plays here and there?
Yeah. The more experience you get, the more mature you can become in the game. I was saying that last week because sometimes running backs say they only had seven carries, that’s why they weren’t able to be productive, but you look at some games and a guy has one carry or two carries and gets a touchdown. Sometimes that isn’t an excuse.

What do you see from the Falcons?
They have a good defensive line, good linebackers and fast DBs. (You) just have to get in where you fit in and be consistent and persistent and execute. It’s all about our side of the ball. When we come together and play as a unit in all three phases, I think most of the time things will turn out the way we want.