Wilson suffers burner, walks off

David Wilson suffered a burner in practice on Tuesday.

4:45 pm: Wilson was sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery for a “battery of tests” (Vacchiano, July 29)

Wilson walked off the field toward the end of practice on Tuesday. Later, Tom Coughlin told reporters that Wilson suffered a “burner,” which is the term for an intense nerve pain near the base of the next.

The running back is coming back from neck surgery and was just recently cleared for contact.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

This is obviously disturbing news for the Giants. It took a long time for Wilson to be cleared this summer, and now he could be back to the start with this latest setback.

Wilson has looked very good in camp thus far, displaying the great speed and elusiveness that caught the Giants’ eye in the 2012 NFL Draft when he was their first round pick.

The Giants learned their lesson from last season and stocked up on RBs, so Wilson’s reps will go to someone else but none of them have the special skill set he possesses.

David Lopez
David Lopez

As much as I'd like to see Wilson on the field to help the Giants win, I'd rather see him live a healthy and productive life with his loved ones.

Wilson has to make a serious choice.


@David Lopez It seems everybody in football is making that choice. Look at Peyton Manning, he had that neck surgery and risked his life returning to football, this was after a HOF career. The dude could have rode off into the sunset.  Guys love to play ball.