Wilson expected to be cleared by training camp

RB David Wilson is expected to be medically cleared for the start of training camp, GM Jerry Reese said (Vacchiano, May 12).

Wilson is recovering from spinal surgery, which caused him to miss the majority of the 2013 season.

Wilson is currently taking reps on the field with the team, Reese said.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

With the addition of Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams, Wilson will see very few snaps as a scrimmage runner. His role on this team will likely be third-down back/KO returner. Not what they had envisioned two yeas ago when they drafted him.


If healthy, Why would Wilson be behind the rookie Andre Williams. When do the Giants put  rookies ahead of veterans especially when Wilson has more talent. I could see Andre Williams being the goal line back because the Giants like to give all there backs a role. Wilson should split time with Jennings and if the revamped offensive line does the job, they should be able to run the ball well.

If Wilson is completely healthy he is still the most talented back they have. The only reason they couldn't run the football last year was that there offensive line was horrible. Wilson is the most explosive player they have ever had at running back and he still can be a star if giving the opportunity.


Sad......thought Wilson would be a very good RB for the jints....but no....not now and not later.....Sad......a first round bust.....there have been too many first and second round busts lately......although I give giants a A- in the draft.


I feel that that is exactly how he should be used.  I envisioned him as a Reggie Bush type of player.  He is not a 25 carry type back. Maybe it was a stretch taking him as a #1 pick but now that we have him I hope the new OC uses him correctly.  


I'm guessing he will no longer be featuring the "back-flips"

David Lopez
David Lopez

I always felt Wilson was too small to be a feature back.

The silver lining in this news is that McAdoo will be able find a way to get him on the field as a possible change of pace back to take advantage of his big play ability. The other positive is that the RB corps is fairly deep. I gather Wilson be third on the depth chart behind Jennings & Williams.

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

It was a pretty crappy draft class.  I guess they hoped he'd be a real weapon - which he's shown flashes of being. The neck injury is a real bummer.


@mique1313  .....  He could still end up being a Darren Sproles type of player, but we'll never know unless Coughlin and McAdoo utilize him that way. If they treat him with kid gloves and only give him 5 touches a game or less, he won't make much of an impact at all. In that event, he'll be gone once his contract expires (or cut before then).


@Matthew Cohen  

TE Coby Fleener

WR Alshon Jeffery

QB Russel Wilson

QB Nick Foles

........ Just off the top of my head,

ALL picked after RB D. Wilson....

and aren't so Crappy...

RB D. Wilson was a Reach by REESE, because

RB D. Martin was Scooped Up by TampaBay...

Now more than ever,

the TRUE Light of  REESE poor draft management

is exposed....

but wait.......RB D. Wilson has a chance....


, yes a SMALL chance,

RB D. Wilson could thrive in MacAdoo's System...


one of RB D. Wilson biggest Problems was,

the O-Line didn't open Holes....

MacAdoo does have SPACE PLAYs,

when he could line-up, 3 WR's, FB & a RB....

WR Randle - WR Beckham - FB Connor

RB Wilson - WR Cruz.....

RB D. Wilson could be a Excellent KR & 10 Play 3rd down WishBone RB......