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Who has more questions: Jets or Giants?

The NFL in NYC consists of four factions: Giant fans, Jet fans, rooters of other clubs and neutral followers of the game.

The Giants and Jets are often compared, even though the two have practically nothing in common other than sharing a stadium and the same geographic terrain.

Both teams, however, do have one thing in common: They’ve both been in a postseason drought of late. The Giants may have won the Super Bowl three years ago, but the reality is, they’ve missed the playoffs four of the past five seasons. The Jets last appeared in the postseason in 2010.

This offseason has been one of change for both franchises. Each have made key changes in personnel and feel they are headed for successful seasons but both still have many questions that need to be answered during their upcoming training camps.

LoudMouths Marc Malusis and Chris Carlin discuss whether the Jets or Giants have more questions to answer heading into training camp this week.


Questions for the Jets:

1 - QB - how will Geno do

2 - OLine - How will Brian Winters progress, if at all

3 - Receiving corps, has to be better than last year  but how much better?  They have Decker, and drafted a TE and 2 receivers.

4 - Secondary.  Replaced Cromartie  with Paterson, and drafted a safety (Pryor) , how will he do?

How will Dee Milliner do?

Special teams is weak, Punter is weak.

Giants :-

Is Eli on the decline?

How much better is the Oline, and is it good enough?

Receiving corps - Will these guys progress?

Is DRC any good, or is he over paid (I fear he is).

Running backs?  Wilson?


I think the Giants are on the decline.

Hard to say which team looks better in the long run.

If Geno becomes a good QB then the Jets, else they have to draft yet another QB and it becomes a toss up

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Haven't watched the clip.  But, based on the fact the Giants have a new offense, and a patchwork line - they probably have more questions.

Still would rather be the Giants then the Jets, however.....


@Billy Suede @McGeorge Giants on the decline because Eli is on the decline, and many of their other veterans are not doing as well as expected.

Will the Giants improve over last year?  Pretty likely.

Will they be play off contenders for the next several years?  Pretty unlikely.

I want to see JPP back to where he was when they won the Superbowl.  I want to see some of their receivers not named Cruz perform at a high level.