What do you see as the biggest wins roster-wise for the Giants this summer?

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The first win would be if Ryan Nassib could establish himself as Eli’s primary backup at QB.

USATSI_7904483_110579513_lowresThe new offense suits him well and he’s looked good at times out there. His accuracy needs to improve, however. Perhaps it’s just rust, but if his passing can get sharper, this would be a big positive for the Giants going forward.

The second is the LT situation.

They need to be solid there and right now, I’m not confident they have enough quantity or quality there. The good part about the new offense is that Eli won’t be holding the ball very long, so the line will not be asked to pass block for five and six seconds. Most plays the ball will be out in 2-3 seconds, negating the opponent’s pass rush.

The third is Odell Beckham Jr. earning a starting job at WR.

By all indications, the Giants will be employing three-wide sets, so if Beckham can sell it outside along with Rueben Randle, that would leave Victor Cruz in the slot to do his thing. And Cruz’ thing is nearly unstoppable to stop. Should teams gang up on Cruz, the Giants will have single coverage on one of the the other two WR or the TE. Beckham’s ability to contribute early will go a long way in helping the Giants’offense become an attacking force again.

The final is Damontre Moore winning a starting role at DE.

He’s a playmaker. He provides pressure and forces turnovers. If he can make his presence known, it will take some pressure off JPP and help get the Giants’ pass rush back in gear.


I would also add Adrien Robinson developing into a solid Tight End and that raw talent finally coming to fruition.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

This are my hopes and dreams for this team going into regular season Week 1:

Beatty regains his form of 2012 at LT, and the OL Starting five rounds into form.

Nassib wins the backup job, and never takes a single meaningful snap in the regular season.

Everyone on offense pick up the new offense, and they put up good number in the preseason.

The defense uses the 5 preseason games to show they won't miss Tuck or Linval.