Week 15 Final: Giants 0 vs Falcons 34

Fourth Quarter

– The Giants Martellus Bennett drops an Eli pass & the Falcons challenge will put the Giants in a 3rd and long situation.

– The Falcons are controlling the clock with good running plays and short passes. The Giants may only have one more drive left in this game.

– Julio Jones has been as much of a threat as a runner as he has been as a receiver today for the Falcons.

– Jones beats Webster on an under thrown fade pass in the end zone.  The Falcons are repaying the Giants for that playoff trashing last season.

– A nicely set up screen pass by the Giants ends up a travesty as it results in a fumble. The Falcons are using this as a statement game and succeeding.

Third Quarter

– The Falcons come out of the half and put together a well balanced drive to put another TD on the board. Julio Jones finally gets into the action and Hosley just couldn’t stay with him on the deep fade pattern.

– The Giants offense needs to gain some continuity heading into next week. Eli has one half to make a statement, because if the Giants want to make it to another Super Bowl it will probably go through Atlanta.

– Victor Cruz takes an ugly hit to the head on the 3rd down play. 15 yards for that penalty doesn’t seem like enough. Mr. Goodell will be making a call to Atlanta this week.

– The Giants are building another good drive but their struggles have been putting up points after long drives.

– Another 4th down failed by the Giants offense. This type of loss is something that can follow a team into the post season, if the Giants make the post season.

– Corey Webster shows more fight against Roddy White than this team has shown all day.

– The Falcons put up a field goal and the Giants only have to suffer for another quarter.


Second Quarter

– Chase Blackburn makes one of the most difficult plays from an inside linebacker position. Blackburn began the play in a “Sugar” blitz look, which is where both LBs are pressed up in the A gaps. He then had man to man coverage on a Gonzalez out route. Gonzalez had a 3 yard advantage due to sheer alignment on Blackburn but the effort is what allowed him to swat the ball away.

– The decline of David Diehl is hard to watch. He was never an elite offensive tackle but he may be the worst right tackle in the NFL. If the Giants hope to return to their 2007-2009 offensive line form they must upgrade that spot this off-season.

– Eli Manning is intercepted for the second time in the first half. Eli reverts back to his back foot throws and the Falcons can just coast from here on out if they score a touchdown on this drive. The Giants brought their D game to Atlanta with them today and the rest of the NFC East must be salivating at this opportunity.

– The Falcons extend their lead with a field goal and this game still doesn’t feel close at all. The Giants are beating themselves at this point, the Falcons have yet to even need their two star wide outs on the outside.

– Fred Lumpkin in the game and gives them a spark in the running game. The shotgun formation is working well against this aggressive Falcons front.

–  Wilson stopped on 4th and 1. The Giants lose faith in Tynes and it comes back to bite them. The yards are their for the Giants in this first half but no points to show for them so far. The last 3 plays of that drive were all running plays, 2 of them from the shotgun.

– Giants defense has played relatively well with all things considered, but the offensive turnovers have really hurt them and the inconsistent play of Eli Manning is hard to overcome.

– The Giants go for it on 4th down and come up short again. Tom Coughlin has shown every sign of desperation possible by a NFL Head Coach. The Giants have all but packed up and accepted this loss.


First Quarter

– Eli Manning throws a interception on the first drive of the game. The Giants have been winning by protecting the ball and sticking to the running game,; they did neither on that opening drive.

– Asante Samuels has always had great cat & mouse games with Eli Manning. Eli will shrug it off and burn Samuels on a double move later in this game.

– The Falcons take advantage of the turnover and run right over the interior of this Giants defense. Michael Turner is the one player the Giants can’t let get momentum in this game. It is hard enough to worry about Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside when the Falcons don’t have effective play action.

– David Wilson shows why he is so dangerous on a third down counter play. Wilson displayed his unique mix of strength and speed while picking up a gain of 20 yards for the first down.

– The running game has set up this second Giants’ drive and Eli has made timely throws to his receivers on the edge.

– The Giants miss a chip shot field goal and just like that lose all of the momentum established on that drive. Tynes has been almost automatic this season and there isn’t an excuse to miss that kick indoors.

– The Falcons able to run on this Giants defense and establish manageable down and distance situations. That leads to a double move to Harry Douglas on the fake screen to Julio Jones.

– Matt Ryan remains perfect in the game and finds Tony Gonazalez up the seem for the touchdown.

– Eli misses Nicks on a down field bomb that could have gotten the Giants back in the game, instead they go 3 and out. The first quarter has been one to forget for the Giants and they seem to be back to their sleep walking ways.