Wednesday News: TE still on the docket

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

North Carolina’s Eric Ebron, who is expected to be the first TE taken in the draft, had his pro day yesterday. Ebron appeared in good shape and produced as advertised. Several dropped passes tried put a damper on the day, but they should have no effect his draft status.

From Mike Huguenin of

Ebron weighed in at 253 pounds, three more than at last month’s NFL Scouting Combine. He stood on his combine 40 time of 4.60 seconds. Ebron, who is 6-foot-4, frequently has said his size/speed combination “should be illegal.” The always-upbeat Ebron said “everything went great” after his workout and called his drops “no biggie.” Ebron — who never will be described as media-shy — also lauded his blocking ability, saying that scouts who think he is lax in that area have not been “watching the right tape.”

TE is a major need for the Giants, especially with Ben McAdoo looking to feature the TE in the Giants’ new offense. They currently have two unproven players (Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell) and a veteran backup (Daniel Fells) on the roster. GM Jerry Reese said yesterday the Giants will be looking in both free agency and the draft.

“[Tight end] still might present itself to us,” Reese said. “œIf there is somebody available, we’™ll look at it and if something happens in the draft, we’ll look at that way as well. There is a long way to go.” (Star-Ledger)

Paul Schwartz of the NY Post writes this morning that the Giants have filled many of their glaring needs via free agency and are essentially planning to fill a few more via the upcoming draft. Paul also calls the signing of RB Rashad Jennings the Giants’ top move this offseason…

With only about $4 million left under the cap, the Giants are essentially finished with free agency, other than some roster bottom-feeding. Their accumulation of players followed an aggressive script, yet they are often quick to sneer at teams that make the headlines in March. Massing players in free agency, Mara acknowledged, “doesn’t always work out,’’ but it was the path the Giants felt they needed to travel.

The Star-Ledger’s Jordan Raanan was at the league meetings in Orlando and spoke to several AFC coaches about several of their former players that were signed by the Giants in free agency this month. ( 

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

I would rather select Donald over Ebron in the 1st round and then go get Niklas in the 2 round 


Oh no no no,

I want this guy about as much as I want a flu right before summer.  This guy seems to have EGO written all over him.  And the fact is his athletic skills are not so off the charts. 6"4 250 running a 4.6?  Davis ran a 4.38.  Guess what he ran closer to Jermey Shockey's time than Davis and Shockey was a better all around TE. 

His reaction to dropping pass oh no big deal.  His reaction to no giving effort in blocking, oh all the scouts are wrong.  This guy seems to have no self-awareness of drive to get better he has already arrived. 

Would not touch him give me Niklas instead in the second.   


@Michael Stewart  Again, I don't get the infatuation with Donald.  He represents a Reese type selection a guy who did well in the college game but is an absolute Tweener.  He is closer to 6 feet tall and weighs 280 that is not an NFL size DT and could be bust all over the place.  He will be moved wherever the opponents guard wants him to be.  You might be able to get away with being that small in the college game but in the NFL they will exploit that.  I remember when the Jets drafted Richardson they said he was a bit small and he was 6"3 300 3 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than Donald. You cannot risk high selections on a guy like Donald.  He scares the hell out of me because he is exactly the type of selection Reese would make because if it works he is a genius and if it doesn't everyone will say what the hell were you thinking drafting a 280 pound DT at 12.   Mara has talked about beefing up the Lines this does not do that.  

Another thing why is everyone so down on Hankin?  the guy shows great promise which is the reason I think they let Joseph walk.  With Cullen and Hankin's thats a good start.  You draft Donald at 12 he starts day one are you moving cullen or Hankins out not me.   


@jaymanjay  I totally agree Jay,he seems to me people who think their great already have a hard time getting better.I was hopin he run better at pro day and he sits on his combine 4.6 that to me is a huge red flag and very weak,we are better off getting Donald with our first.