Wednesday Morning Update: Bradshaw Has Knee Sprain

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

The Giants begin their preparation today at TIMEX for their trip to Atlanta this week. The Falcons (11-2) are already headed to the playoffs as the NFC South champions. The Giants (8-5) have a one-game lead over Dallas and Washington in the NFC East.

Pre-practice injury report

RB Ahmad Bradshaw (knee/foot), CB Prince Amukamara (hamstring), WR Hakeem Nicks (knee), DE Jason Pierre-Paul (back), C David Baas (shoulder), TE Travis Beckum (knee), S Kenny Phillips (knee) and S Tyler Sash (hamstring)

Tom Coughlin Presser Highlights

Coughlin began by emphasizing that Atlanta is least penalized team in the league and are the least penalized on special teams.

Bradshaw has a sprained knee and will not practice. Coughlin said knowing the individual he will not speculate or put any percentages on the veteran RB’s chances. The coach said it would be a medical decision whether Bradshaw will play this week…..“I’m not going to rule him out of anything….he’s a tough son-of-a gun.”

Prince and Phillips will not work today. Coughlin said Prince’s hamstring was “tricky” more than anything else.

On if there was any change in Nicks’ status: “No, but we’re probably going to have to slow down a little bit, not do much with him and then maybe bring him in a little bit as we move along.”

Do you have to worry about David Wilson’s backflips? “Next question,” he answered with a smile.