Weds. Morning Notes: OL not really that offensive

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Wow. Talk about talking heads not doing their homework or due diligence. All I’m hearing these days is how bad the Giants’ offensive line is. Ridiculous.

Last year, the Giants’ offensive line was depleted and hobbled by injuries. David Baas was finished. So was Chris Snee. David Diehl was on his way out, too. To add to the misery, LT Will Beatty had a rough season and RT Justin Pugh was just a rookie trying to stay afloat.

USATSI_8022272_110579513_lowresThat was last year. They knew they needed to address the offensive line this past offseason, and they have.

This season, the Giants are sticking with Beatty and Pugh at tackle, but have imported new players to man the middle of the line.

Geoff Schwartz, a guard who has been an integral piece to teams that led the league the rushing the past three seasons (Kansas City, Minnesota and Carolina). Unfortunately, the Giants will be without Schwartz indefinitely with a dislocated toe.

In his absence, rookie Weston Richburg, one of the top C/G prospects in this past April’s draft, will man the LG spot.

JD Walton, 27, a veteran who started 36 consecutive games for the Broncos from 2010-12 before dislocating his knee, is the team’s new center. It’s taken nearly two years for Walton to round back into form, but he has, and in a big way.

At RG, Brandon Mosley, who has incrementally – if not dramatically – improved over the past year, has graduated to the starting lineup. Mosley has played well this preseason.

In addition, the club added veterans Charles Brown and John Jerry. Both are experienced linemen. Brown was a second round pick of the Saints out of USC in 2010 and was their LT for much of the 2013 season. Jerry started all 32 games for the Miami Dolphins in 2012 and 2013.

This preseason, the line has played well. The Giants averaged 4.1 yards per carry on the ground, but the three RBs that made the roster all fared much better than that average: Rashad Jennings (6.1). Andre Williams (5.2) and Peyton Hillis (4.2). I may be naive, but I believe the blocking of the offensive line had a lot to do with those numbers being so healthy.

In addition, Giants’ QBs were sacked only seven times over the five preseason games. Over a 16-game span, that equates to 22 sacks which would qualify for second-best in the league in 2013. Denver allowed only 20 sacks last year. The Giants allowed 40. At this rate, they’d improve by 50% in that category.

Last year, QB Eli Manning had little protection/help on the offense and turned in his worst season as a pro. This year, conditions around him have improved, so now it’s all on him.

So, you’ll excuse me if I ask you to stop blaming the offensive line for the Giants’ problems and start focusing on Eli’s his poor decision-making and lousy timing/accuracy.  The emperor has no clothes. The OL will block for the running game and protect the QB better this season. It’s up to the skill players to do the rest.


Here's my assessment of our OL vis a vis Eli.  

"Protect Eli and he rewards you with Championships.

You don't protect Eli,  and he tosses the ball to the opponents"

It's really that simple.


repeat after me, the wins and completions are all the result of eli's talent and the loses and interceptions are the fault of everyone else, that should hold you until later then you can drink the kool aid along with the other fanatics.




ELI is NOT the PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is the GREATEST QB the GIANTS - HAVE - EVER - HAD !!!!!!!

and STILL HAVE !!!!!

so SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the TRUTH---------

FOCUSing on REESE's POOR Decision-Making and LOUSY DRAFTing !!!!

REESE's INABILITY to Build and Maintain: ROSTER DEPTH  !!!

REESE's Countless BAD Free Agent Deals....

His POOR SAL-CAP Management....

REESE's PLAN was--

1. PASS-RUSH at ALL Cost,

2. We can't spend $ on LB's....

3. We can Find a New TE, EVERY Year....

4. WR CRUZ is NOT a #1 WR....

5. I can Re-Build the O-LINE in the,

4th - 5th - 6th & 7th Round's of the Draft...

6. by DRAFTing the MOST ATHLETIC Player,

i, Jerry Reese, can Build the Perfect FOOTBALL Player....

7. KillDrive is the PROBLEM !!!

8. the OFFENSE is BROKEN, QUICK Spend $$$$$$ on the DEFENSE...

LB Beason $6.5 Million

LB McClain $2.5 Million

CB DRC $7.25 Million

CB Thurman $3 Million

CB Prince's 2015 Option, is worth $6 Million......

....... than ADD the CONFUSION of,

27, One Year Contracts in the 2013 Season....

...... ReSulting in 24 New Players in for 2014.....

...... and the NYG's new OC, is a TE & QB Coach,

has NEVER been a OC !!!!

DEAD $$$$$$  =  $10.2 Million .......

C- BAAS $3.25 M

OG- SNEE $2.5 M

RB- David Wilson $1.8 M

CB- Corey Webster $1.25 M

TE- Brandon Myers $1.1 M

DT Marvin Austin $300,000

..................................................and YOU BLAME............ ELI !!!!!

YOU should be Ashamed of YourSelf.....

Chris Molloy
Chris Molloy

Wow, Your opinion of the Giants OL is a lot higher then mine. But we start to find out on Monday A win would be huge, I just don't think it will happen


So ti's time to lay it all at Eli's feet?  How about going back two years and re-reading all the "Elite Eli" posts.  So when Eli is running for his life 3 plays in on Monday, it is his poor decision making that is the cause.  How about putting a clock on the time he has to throw the ball.  It may be he doesn't have the time, or it may be that he isn't comfortable with the playbook, or maybe his receives and TEs stink and can't get open.  What's the difference, when in the end, the Giants all of a sudden look like they are reliving the Pesarcik era.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

In the games I watched, Eli didn't have 3 seconds to throw the ball and was ducking a pass rush on each passing down. The line run blocked fine. If Eli gets time to throw he'll be fine too

JD Walton, the "veteran" you mention, was the worst graded center in all of football in his last full season, 3 years ago!  Will Beatty last year gave up 13 sacks, the most in the NFL, and that was BEFORE he broke his leg. And if they have to start Charles Brown, he was the fifth worst LT in football last year before he lost his starting job. 

What "skill players" are you referring to?  The Giants have 1 reliable WR and zero TEs, which makes it pretty hard to run a brand new West Coast offense.  It's going to take time, but please don't go blaming Eli for not being able to hit his crappy receivers in 5 preseason games into a brand new scheme.  This is the sort of frenzied criticism the idiots who sit around me in the stadium participate in...


@rico .....  Bingo!  That's why Eli is not elite. Then again, most QB's are not elite.

SNYGiants moderator

@hashburry I agree with most of what you are saying, my point is that things won't be as bad as most people think.

SNYGiants moderator

@Jeff Comerford Agree, but that was not every down. The offense is predicated on having the ball come out fast. There were too many times for my liking that he had sufficient time to make a clean throw and did not.

SNYGiants moderator

I'll admit the talent could be better, but Eli is the one that needs to raise the level of play, because he can.  He needs to cut down on his mistakes. Too many times under pressure, he tries to force something that is not there. He still has not learned to throw the ball away and live to play another day. 

Agin, in preseason, and in practice, the line has looked better than pundits want to admit. My point - it's not good but it't not as bad as people think


@SNYGiants @Skookaloop ....  I don't know.... I seem to think Seattle and SF don't have a problem with roster depth or roster management. And you could probably say the same regarding a few other teams as well (Pats come to mind). I'm not a Patriots fan at all, but I see a lot of their games, and they are the one team in the NFL who seem to do the most with less. You can take away all of Brady's best receivers, and the guy can still single-handedly win a football game for them.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Like it or not, having an offensive line that is sieve like impacts confidence. I think it has impacted his mechanics - as he is throwing off of his back foot and he is waiting for his protection to break down.

If they could be more consistent, Eli's stats will improve. Part of that will involve reps with the same unit to develop chemistry


@SNYGiants wow "defending the offensive" line….

The OL has looked more like maitre ds this pre-season escorting opposing defenders to Eli.  Eli spent last season and this off season getting pile-driven into the turf.  When he knows he's got no protection he throws to ball to the opponent.  To me the offense is still broken and it all starts up front 


@SNYGiants @Jeff Comerford I worry Eli's approach is fundamentally incompatible with a West Coast offense. The rhythms are all wrong. Snap, 1-2-3 steps, throw. No one immediately open? Dump it to the back. He's not open ? Roll out and locate a target on the run. Above all, DON'T hold the ball. DON'T stand tall in the pocket. Don't do anything Eli Manning has done well for 10 years in the NFL. Do the kind of stuff Alex Smith does well instead. 

I'm just not seeing how that's going to work.