Tuesday News: Cruz prepared for more versatile role

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Victor Cruz says he can play the “Randall Cobb” role in Ben McAdoo’s offense. That means lining up in the backfield on occasion, something Cruz has not done much of in his career in New York.

“I do see myself as a Randall Cobb,” Cruz said at an event yesterday per Ebenezer Samuel of the Daily News. “Hopefully I can sneak in that backfield for a couple plays. I don’t know how effective that will be. But we’ll definitely see where it takes us. But we’ll see. I’m excited to be all over the field this year.”

The Cleveland Browns could not come to a contract agreement with impending free agent Alex Mack and assigned the transition tag on him. Mack was considered to be the top center on the market this March and now it appears he’s going nowhere, at least for now.

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With the PAT success rate at an automatic 99.6%, the NFL Competition Committee is discussing moving the line of scrimmage for attempts from the two to the 25. That would make the extra point try the equivalent of a 42-yard FG.

Pat Traina outlines five under-the-radar free agent signings that will benefit the Giants this offseason.

Could the Giants be interested in returner extraordinaire Devin Hester? Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger believes so. 


I love this idea of making an extra point somewhat of a challenge.  Granted, I will loose those precious minutes used for food and bathroom breaks that are usually reserved for extra points and ensuing commercials.  However, I think it will make the game more exciting to watch if the extra point was not an automatic event.  This is the most creative rules change idea to come out of the NFL since the implementation of coach challenges.  Good stuff.


just keep doing what you've been doing victor that will be just fine.


The  GreenBay Offensive System CRUZ think's  is  MacAdoo's,


OC Tom Clements Offensive System since  2012,

before that,

the MASTER-MIND of the GREENBAY Offense was "LockerRoom" Joe Philbin,

who's NOT doing too well in Miami....


CRUZ is DAY DREAMing About a Different Guys O-System...

MacAdoo has NEVER been a OC...

Tamás Asbóth
Tamás Asbóth

I prefer that role to Jernigan. After the Nicks departure Cruz has to be the number 1.