Thursday Notes: Jennings better than his numbers; Improved secondary

Giants beat writer Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger reveals that his least-favorite move this offseason is the signing of RB Rashad Jennings…

“The Giants paid Jennings as a starter. His guarantee ($3 million) and per year salary ($2.5 million) compared to Ben Tate. That doesn’t seem like great value. There are questions about whether Jennings can carry the load as a lead back. That’s still to be determined. Jennings has never had more than 163 carries in a season. He’s never started more than eight games. The Giants have placed an awful lot of confidence in an unknown quantity, one that averaged a cringe-worthy 2.8 yards per carry in 2012.”

Good points, but he is the player they feel is best suited to spearhead their new offense. Jordan does not take into account that Jennings is a full-service back. Last season, he caught 36 passes for 292 yards (an average at 8.1 YPC) and at 6″1″, 231 he is an upgrade in the pass protection packages.

Dan Graziano of ESPN NewYork says the Giants’ current major strength is their revamped secondary. (Read)

Our colleague Michael Cohen culled some stats from the website to illustrate how the new secondary performed in 2013…

After reviewing the 2013 cornerback rankings by Pro Football Focus, three of the top 15 players ranked by NFL/QB rating (i.e. what was the rating of the QB when throwing at a receiver covered by the corner) will play for the Giants in 2014.

Trumaine McBride (#5, 57.4 rating)
Walter Thurmond (#13, 67.5 rating)
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (#14, 67.8 rating).

Prince Amukamara was in the middle of the pack at #57 (87.7), but had a 74.5 rating in 2012.


No Running backs before round 5.  Problems were way more Oline related. 

No Ebron or any TE at 12 overvalued and overhyped position.  Draft Kelvin Benjamn WR or Mike Evans WR instead. These guys compliment Cruz and after Cruz our WR talent falls off.   

No Donald DT at 12- waaaay undersized tweener.  If defense is where you want to go Draft Reshad Hageman DT or Anthony Barr DE or Justin Gilbert CB instead. 

If Oline is the primary concern in the first.  Draft Lewan or Mathews if available if not Zach Martin should be the guy. 

If Reese sticks to this blue print  he may be on the road to a good draft. If not get ready for more busts, tweeners, and project picks.  I Know Ebron would be the heart felt story.  Grew up in NY but he plays the wrong position and honestly I don't even think he is better than Shockey.  So no am not taking him that high.   


OT T.Lewan-- Is a NON-ISSUE--

the Key Here is--


Which means the POLICE at the TIME,

saw Him as NOT Guilty...

the Police Didn't See Lewan Assault anyone,

the Said " Victums " told there Story,

Lewan told His Story...

and the Police let him GO HOME....

the DA might have to Press Charges because Someone was Injured...

the Injuries will Detail, the Severity of the ASSAULT...

Battery is a Weak Finger Pointing Case....

this is ALWAYS Dropped,

Aggravated Assault gets Plee'ed down the Simple Battery....

........................................Still my #12 Pick


i don't know about the charges against lewan but i do know that osu fans are as crazy and nasty as they come.



There are many tackles that the giants  can take in later rounds it doesn't have to  be in the first; a better bet is a full blown wide out that can smoke the smokers.

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

Ot: guess we know who won't be a giant in round one. Taylor 'sinks like a stone' lewan...


RB R. Jennings was a PowerFull Back-up to often HURT RB D. McFadden...

At 231LB's he has the POWER to take Hits & Block....

add his Pass Catching,

IMO, a PERFECT Fit for the NYG....

Because he was a Back-Up, Less carries = FRESH Legs.....

A+ Pick-Up for REESE....

Martin London
Martin London

these CB ratings are useless if you are going to compare Trumaine & Thurmond going against 3 & 4 WRs to Prince


@Skookaloop  As a Michigan fan, I don't want his type on my team. Texting Tough Guys who intimidate girls who may or may not have been assaulted are a stain on society. Plus, he's not what everybody hypes him up to be as he struggled with Borges "pro-style" system, and regressed from his junior year showing. Pass.



Hopefully the scenario you laid out is what will really happen. I know the Giants like high character guys and so do I, but Lewan is STILL my first round pick as well unless some new incriminating evidence surfaces. I hope he's innocent of all charges and he falls to #12. He'd look good in BIG BLUE.


@Billy Suede  .... If anything, this MAY guarantee that Lewan will drop to #12. That scenario will probably create an interesting dilemma for Reese.


@Billy Suede  That's the kind of guy we need ......a mean and tough sob. Look at how many thugs are in NFL.....30% are wife beaters, gangsters, thieves, coach killers, druggies, and coke takers and I don't mean soda. Taylor is exactly what we need!

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

@Martin London Yes - I made that point in the original draft of the post.  Prince's numbers are better when you take that into consideration.  The nice thing is that McBride and Thurmond will mostly be up against 3 and 4 with Cromarte and Prince against 1s and 2s.  In any case, the Giants secondary is certainly much improved.

The only caveat is that these numbers are certainly impacted by pass rush, an area which is still highly suspect for the Giants given the loss of Tuck who was their top pass rusher overall in 2013.


@Slim @Skookaloop  

You where not there...

you don't know what happened....

the COPs'

did a 3 month Investigation,

and the most Serious Charge is,

ASSAULT With-Out a Weapon & With-Out INTENT...

on a guy who doesn't have a PAST RECORD...


Michigan wanted Him on the Team.....

and i think they Know him Better then YOU...



the Charge of Aggravated Assault may sound Bad,

But it is Very GOOD, for Lewan...

Why...... Aggravated Assault means,

"NO Weapon & NO INTENT"

the DA, who has seen the COP Reports,

of this 3 month old Investigation,

has Already DETERMINED,

Lewan Acted without MALICE,

with a Clean Past,

Lewan turns himself in--- the 3P's..

than Lewans Press Charges on his Accusers....

Stale Mate--- Finger pointing--

DA's like these after Mid-night,

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NOT go to COURT....


@Skookaloop @Slim  It was covered up by Michigan, like this type of garbage is at any college football school. Hoke said Gibbons missed the Kansas State game because he "tweaked something" and charges were leveled soon thereafter. Don't tell me about the letter of the law, when they are trying to gather as much information as possible. He's not the type of guy I want on my team.

You want to talk Xs & Os? Check the outback bowl film against Clowney when they were both "in their prime." Clowney and Shaw ate his lunch. And like I said, he regressed this year. I know you are pro-tanking and anti-Reese, so it would make sense that you would want this guy protecting Eli's blindside