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The Giants 2014 draft primer

For the first time since 1964, the Giants have the No. 12 overall selection during Thursday’s NFL Draft, and, as NFL cameras catch all the action, the team will make seven picks over the course of six rounds. Roughly a dozen players have visited or worked out with the team during the offseason.

On Tuesday, Charlie Campbell of posted his latest mock draft. Campbell has the Giants picking up Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews, but John Fennelly would be shocked if the offensive tackle slipped down that far in the draft. What else did Campbell predict? Click here for his mock draft selections and Fennelly’s analysis.

If Matthews does not make it to the Giants, who else could the team wind up picking? Realistically, the team could come away with a tight end, a wide receiver or an offensive tackle who is ready for the transition from college to pros. The Giants will also need to consider picking up a running back in one of the later rounds after a season where they ran out of them because of injuries.

While the Giants may have other spots to fill, they have only had four players start in every game during their rookie season in the past 33 years. 

As of May 2, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock had three candidates for the Giants.

“I think the logical three candidates for them are either Zack Martin, Eric Ebron or the wide receiver [Mike] Evans. I’m not sure how this draft is going to fall. I know that you can take Zack Martin. Of course, they signed Charles Brown and John Jerry. But Martin could play guard, he could play tackle. If he’s there, and I don’t think he’s going to be, will the wideout Evans be there, I think there’s a good chance he won’t be. I look at it and go where Eric Ebron goes. I think that would be a great pick. They need somebody in today’s world, I don’t care if it’s a wideout or tight end, I just want an offensive weapon, and that’s what he is.”

Giants general manager Jerry Reese also made it clear on May 2 that the team was leaning toward an offensive player in the first round. He also said earlier in the month that the team will pick the “best player available. The draft stands alone.” He added last week he sees Zack Martin “as a good offensive lineman.”

Any other questions about the 2014 draft? Take a look at Fennelly’s NFL Draft Mailbag, where he answers questions regarding everything from the Giants’ biggest needs to if the Giants will take a quarterback. 

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Kevin Melanson
Kevin Melanson

The Giants, like every NFL team, has multiple needs in the draft.  We all know they will make an attempt to improve the offensive line.  They will most likely take another RB later in the draft.  Of course they will bolster the defense as well.

One position that proved and continues to be a primary offensive weapon is the TE.  Mark Bavaro created an impact on the Giants and the NFL.  He is the reason Bill Belichick scouted/signed Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.  In today's NFL the TE is very important.  

Eric Ebron looks to be the favorite in this years draft.  If he is available at pick 12 the Giants should make him their pick.  He is a very tall, athletic, and impressive player.  He will get more one-on-one coverage for every other WR.  The Giants can and will get offensive line as well as other positions throughout the rest of the draft.


Here is my last post till see the giants 1st selection:  

In my judgement the best possible scenario for the giants is if at 12 Mike Evans or Jake Mathews falls into their laps.  I  do not see this happening but this is best case.  

If they stay where they are I think they have a shot at Lewan or Martin.  More likely Martin and I would take him no questions ask.  

However, I make the argument that Reese needs to not be risky but instead of letting the draft come to him he should be aggressive and not just take the BPA available but do all he can to get the "Best Players" these are two different approaches to the draft. 

That being said I implore Reese that if Jake Mathews is the guy GET HIM!! if Mike Evans is the guy GET HIM!! Just like we did with Eli sometimes you cant just sit back and wait for the players to drop or simply select from the pool still available sometimes you got to go GET THAT GUY.  Fans don't deserve the Best player available does that mean the best of a rotten bunch?  Fans deserve the best players in the draft.  So if giving up a second is what it takes to get Jake Mathews or Mike Evans you do that.  No selection is a slam dunk and Reese has really swung and missed on picks so giving up a second rounder may not be a total lose if Jake Mathews value is that much higher.  Time to be aggressive for once.  Your mentor was Erni and you got to go get a guy sometimes to change a teams fortunes.