The Blame Game: Let’s Play

The Giants’ offense has sputtered the past two games, jumping out to a 23-0 lead in Dallas, barely holding on to win and then squandering a ten-point lead to the Steelers at home. Sure, they scored 29 and 24 points respectively in those games and they should have won both, but shouldn’t the onus fall on the defense to hold those leads? I think so, but around here these days, the offense gets blamed for everything.

Eli Manning has been subpar the last four games. He’s taking some heat about it, too. Our man Ralph Vacchiano pointed this out on his Twitter feed yesterday:

Eli in the first 5 games: 128 of 197 (65%), 1579 yds, 10 TD, 5 INT, 96.0 rating …Eli Manning in the last 4 games: 66 of 121 (54.5%), 847 yds, 2 TD, 4 INT, 68.4 rating.

He’s slumping. No denying it.

Special teams coverage has been falling apart. In Dallas, Lance Dunbar ripped off a 44-yard KO return. Sunday, the Steelers had a 69-yard KO return and a 63-yard punt return. No mention about how has this unit has sucked the past two weeks. Will Hill is coming back (hopefully) this week, so things might tighten up.

The defense is inconsistent. DB Perry Fewell is known for his bend-but-don’t-break, ball-hawking style. We’re seeing that. One play they look confused, the next, they blow up the opponent. No way to live. They have Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton and RGIII still left on their schedule. All six, plus whoever Philadelphia throws at them, can break Fewell’s defense.

Rookie DB Jayron Hosley can run with anyone in this league to make up for his mistakes. That’s good, because he’s making plenty of them. And we’re still waiting for Prince to play like a first-round draft pick. Not a good week for the Chase Blackburn-haters. Pittsburgh trounced the Giants on the ground Sunday….

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