The 2014 Giants will be full of fresh faces

The Giants have gone through a transformation the past few years, turning away from retaining their post-prime veterans in favor of younger players with more upside. In many cases the partings have been bittersweet, but knowing that this is a business, this strategy has proved necessary and successful.

Our friend and former collaborator Jimmy Kempski over at does a bang-up job covering the NFC East. As a long-suffering Eagles fan, Jimmy manages to keep things real when reporting on not only the Eagles, but the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys as well.

In a recent article reviewing the Giants’ offseason moves, Jimmy had this to say:

“The Giants still have plenty of holes to fill and work to do, but teams aren’t fixed in one free agency period. The Giants have made smart additions so far, and have rightfully moved on from formerly great players.”

How true. In fact, the Giants have become a completely different team than the one that won Super Bowl XLVI…

Those players are…QB Eli Manning, WR Victor Cruz, RG Chris Snee, FB Henry Hynoski, DE Jason Pierre-Paul and FS Antrel Rolle.

Mike Davidoff
Mike Davidoff

Let's get a glimpse of one of my fav FA's this offseason: Greg Monroe. 


I think he's a realistic target. I'm just hoping Detroit's good play of late doesn't endear him too much to that franchise.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop None of those guys were re-signed once they past their prime though.  Maybe Jacobs, but the giants were in desperation mode once DW and Brown got hurt.  And it was a one year deal and Jacobs is gone now.

I think what post meant, is that the Giants have moved away from the 1-year veteran "hope he still has something left" contract, and has moved towards younger players.

Baas was cut, Webster was cut, Diehl retired, Jacobs retired, Snee restructured to clear cap, Connor was a 1 year bust and is gone.

You can't just cut them all, and replace them with younger players.  They would be killed with dead money on the cap.

All the guys you named rode out their contracts, and were shown the door once they were up.  It's not like Reese was breaking the bank to bring any of those guys back once they passed their prime.

I know you hate Reese, but using the guys you named, you're really grasping at straws when it comes to criticizing him.


@Michael Frias  

The Giants have gone through a transformation,

" the PAST FEW YEARs,"

DOWN HILL the past few Years !!!


i loved REESE until the 2011 Draft,

then REESE went TUNNEL VISION, PassRush,

bad DRAFTing...

the Reason we are here now,

REESE's Vision was WRONG----

and he didn't have to GAMBLE like he DID...

REESE is Doing a A+ Job in FA, so far.... thats HATE ???

ALL because i point out REESE's bad Deals,

doesn't mean i HATE REESE,....