Sports Illustrated’s Peter King talks Manti Te’o, Alec Ogletree

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King provided insight into the Scouting Combine set to begin later this week.

Among the players mentioned were potential Giants draft targets — linebackers Manti Te’o (Notre Dame) and Alec Ogletree (Georgia), who King said have the most to gain or lose with the Combine.

On Ogletree …

The underclass inside linebacker from Georgia would be a clear top-10 pick with a clean resume. But he was suspended the first four games of last season for failing an offseason drug test, and then came the news Saturday night, via, that Ogletree recently was pinched for driving while intoxicated.

Some GM is going to stake his reputation on Ogletree in the first round, most likely. Which GM? It would have to be a secure one. Green Bay’s Ted Thompson or de facto GM Bill Belichick of the Patriots or Baltimore’s Ozzie Newsome, all down near the bottom of the round.

On Te’o …

The Notre Dame linebacker has spent a lot of time practicing football and practicing what he’s going to say to teams. His last game, against Alabama, was a nightmare (he was awful, and overpowered), and then the whole fake girlfriend story came up, making him a national story and, in some quarters, a national joke. It won’t matter much how he works out in Indianapolis. What will matter are the 15-minute interviews he’ll have in formal evening sessions with teams, and in less formal settings, seeing coaches and personnel people at the stadium and around his hotel.

Not exactly the most promising stories for two potential members of Big Blue this spring.

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