SB ticket holders spurned buses and cars which overloaded rail link

Where did all of those extra train passengers come from on Super Bowl Sunday? Fans were supposed to arrive by car, bus and train, but many decided to forego the highways and travel by rail on gameday.

John Brennan of the Bergen Record explains:

“More than $400,000 worth of prime parking for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium — some 2,000 parking passes and 300 charter bus permits — was purchased, but never used, according to interviews conducted by The Record.

Instead, thousands flocked to NJ Transit’s rail service, which quickly found itself overwhelmed, leaving thousands of fans waiting hours to board trains both to and from the game.

As it turned out, 33,000 fans used NJ Transit’s rail spur to MetLife Stadium on game day, when the agency had expected no more than 16,000. NJ Transit relied on estimates from the National Football League that vastly overstated the number of fans that would drive or take chartered buses to the game.”

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Man, this story really sounds like complete BS if you ask me. They're trying to tell us that thousands of people gave up prime parking spaces that they paid big bucks for, in order to ride on an overstuffed train or bus? Sorry I'm not buying it. And even if some did decide to do that, the planning committee had three years to figure this all out in the event something like this happened. You knew there would be some story to take the committee off the hook - this was it.