Sapp, Strahan resume their war of words

Former Giants’ DE Michael Strahan is a finalist once again for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and once again Warren Sapp, who was elected last year, is deriding Strahan’s candidacy.

Neil Best of Newsday, quoting Sapp:

“I don’t think his resume stacks up when you put Tony Dungy, Walter Jones, Marvin Harrison and Derrick Brooks up. Those are four first-ballot Hall of Famers…When you stack it up and he only has four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record that y’all still walk around like it’s something to be praised – I mean y’all have got to get off your high horse in New York and speak about the real…And when you really measure him up, he comes up short.”

Strahan actually has better numbers than Sapp and has been to seven Pro Bowls, the same number as Sapp. Strahan responded to Sapp’s comments Tuesday afternoon.

SNYGiants insider Ralph Vacchiano passed this along, via his Sulia page:

Michael Strahan’s response to Warren Sapp saying he’s overrated by NY media (via @nydnraiss): “I’m all hype. I lasted 15 years on all hype. Had 141 1/2 career sacks. All hype. I was always a starter. The coaches put me out there because that was hype. I played left end, that made me get sacks. Reggie White, he was hyped too. Didn’t he play left end? Yeah, I was all hype.” #NYG

Ralph also tweeted this comment from Giants CEO John Mara…

The Daily News Live panel talks about Michael Strahan’s reaction to Warren Sapp’s comments about Strahan not belonging in the NFL Hall of Fame.


My problem with Sapp is that he won't leave it alone and he is just making a fool of himself. You rarely, (if any at all)  see 2 HOF players in any sport making any childish comments about another's past and abilities....This might be personal now and we might not know the full story.


strahan belongs in the hof but sapp other than having a big mouth doesn't deserve to be on tv.

nice response by john mara.


John Mara's response was the best. How the hell is Michael Strahan NOT a Hall of Famer? The guy is #5 on the all-time sack list as a LEFT defensive end! Michael spent his entire career rushing the QB from the side he can see the rush coming from, and he's not a hall of famer? Oh, and he also just happened to be one of the best defensive ends against the run in history as well.

Sapp's an overrated idiot. The only reason people think he's great is b/c the quality of tackles when he played was so sub-par, and as they say in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. He's a hall of famer, but there are A LOT more tackles in the history of football and the NFL I'd take over Sapp than there are ends I'd take over Strahan.