Goodell says John Jerry will undergo medical evaluation for role in Bullygate

During Monday’s owners’ meetings, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not rule out the possibility of suspension for the three players involved in Bullygate, including recent Giants addition offensive lineman John Jerry (Vacchiano, March 24).

“Our focus right now, at least in the case of three players (Jerry, Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey), is that they would be evaluated,” Goodell said, according to New York Daily News reporter Ralph Vacchiano. “We’ve talked with the union several times about that and we agreed that was the right step. Once they’ve been evaluated, the medical professionals — joint medical professionals — will make a determination whether any treatment is necessary, and it will be a requirement that they fulfill that.”

The commissioner added that the results of those evaluations could lead to missed playing time.

“The first thing is to get the evaluation and determine what the treatment is,” Goodell said. “Depending on what the doctors prescribe, that could prevent them from being a part of football for some period of time. But that is a medical decision.”

The Giants and Jerry agreed to a one-year deal worth $770,000 on March 21. While the deal included a $25,000 signing bonus, it did not include guaranteed money.