Report: Practice squads to increase

The NFL is expected to increase the size of practice squads from eight to ten players this season.

From Rotoworld:

“That opens up 64 more jobs across the league, and each team will now employ 63 players. Teams will love it, as they’re now able to stash even more potential talent and develop more youngsters across the season.”

NFL teams will of course have to trim their rosters to the mandatory 53 before formulating their practice squads. Any unsigned player who has not played in nine regular season games in a single season, or has not played on the same team’s practice squad for two consecutive seasons is eligible for a practice squad.

This could possibly lead to an increase in the official roster down the road. With the regularity of injuries and the specialization of positions, the league may have no other choice.


This is a GREAT Move....

NOW the NFL should increase the Game Day Roster,

from 46 to 48....