Reese updates on Eli, QBs and Wilson

Eli Manning won’t practice with the team until the summer, General Manager Jerry Reese said on Thursday.

The quarterback is “out of spring ball,” the GM said.

“Eli is a smart guy,” Reese said. “I think he’s driven to prove that last year was just an odd year for him.”

As four the other four quarterbacks on the roster, Reese said the team will take a “real good look” at Ryan Nassib this summer. They also brought in Josh Freeman to help increase some competition in camp, and expect Nassib and Freeman to compete for the top backup.

The team is also looking at heading into the season without David Wilson, who had surgery on his neck last season. They’ll see him as a bonus if he’s medically cleared and ready to play.

“We expect him back. He’s on schedule to be back,” Reese said.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Good choice by the Giants to keep Eli out of harm’s way until training camp. Unfortunately, because of the new offense being installed, it’s a bad time for him to be sidelined.

Reese will pull out all the stops to prove his trade-up for Nassib wasn’t another folly by giving him the lion’s share of the snaps this spring. That shouldn’t be hard because the primary backup (Curtis Painter) will probably be out until the summer as well.

He called Freeman “a talented player”, which he is, but it will take a lot for Freeman to make this roster. His maneuverability should help him, but if his accuracy doesn’t improve the Giants will dump him.

Wilson may be cleared, but the Giants have seen first hand that he’s not an every down back. I expect them to use one of their seven selections in next week’s draft on a RB.



"Good choice by the Giants,

 to keep Eli out of HARM's WAY, until training camp"

............... How could you write THAT ???!!!???

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@jaygo @Skookaloop Hindsight is so 20/20 here.  He goes through that Redskins game unharmed, no one bats an eye about him playing.  There's been other Week 17s that the Giants had nothing to pay for, and Eli played, and no one cared.  Simply because he didn't get hurt in those games.

You guys are making it sound like he's going to be missing Week 1, not OTAs.  It's not even like he's going to miss time in training camp.


ELI will Make $40 Million in the Next 2 Years,

QB R. Wilson will Make $1.7


@Michael Frias @Skookaloop  

You are WRONG....

the Lions Coach was Fired....

Peyton was Pulled from the Denver Game...

QB Alex Smith Didn't even Dress,

just Held a Clip Board,

and Lost next Week to the Colts...

Brady threw 24 total Passes,

9, Screen Passes,

and Ran the Ball 44 Times....

the MOST ALL Year....


he is a 3rd Round Pick,

getting Paid $2.9 Million for 4 YEARs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not $20Million....


.........DO Your Home Work... GUY

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop Falcons were 4-11 and had nothing to play for, Matt Ryan played the whole game in Week 17. 

Lions had nothing to play for, Stafford played the whole game Week 17.

Seahawks were lock into the 1 seed, Russell Wilson played the whole game in Week 17.

Same with New England, Denver, Kansas City.  All locked into their playoff seed, all played their franchise QB the whole way.

Only difference is the QB didn't get hurt.  All those GMs and Coaches idiots too?

Were they idiots when the 2007 Giants had nothing to play for, but still played their starters the whole way in Week 17 against the Patriots?

If Eli didn't get hurt, this would be a non-topic.


@Michael Frias @jaygo @Skookaloop  

the Facts are:

1st.  the NYG's Started 0-6.

2nd.  the NYG's O-Line was AWFUL,

and HAD 3rd String Players Starting.

3rd.  ELI was being Sacked TOO many Times (38)...

4th. the Game had ZERO Value,  Winning the Game would ONLY PUSH BACK the NYG's DRAT Slot.

5th. it is COACHing 101, to PULL a Franchise QB to Protect Him, 

in such a MEANINGLESS Game.

6th. RG3 was being Protected by his FRONT OFFICE.