Reese didn’t think they could sign DRC

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the one player GM Jerry Reese thought the Giants would have a hard time signing this offseason.

“Rodgers-Cromartie was a guy that we thought would be tough to pin down because we thought there’d be a lot of suitors for him,” Reese said (Giants, May 6).

Reese said that DRC visited the Giants and liked what he saw with the organization.

“It worked out for us,” Reese said. “We’re happy to have him.”

OL Geoff Schwartz was also a high-profile free-agent signing this offseason. He was sought by several teams, but Reese knew bringing in the former Oregon Duck would be a big step in restructuring the crumbling o-line:

“Schwartz brings some flexibility to us on our offensive line,” said Reese. “He’s a big guy that plays like a big guy. We wanted to try to get bigger on our offensive line.” (Giants May 6)


Teach him how to tackle so he can finally fulfill his potential. I really didn't think he would sign here, but I can't say I'm disappointed...yet (hope not). Question is are we getting the DRC from Philly, or the DRC from Denver/zona

Schwartz was a solid pickup. A couple more pieces and our oline will be rebuilt for the next several years.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@mcfly Too bad they can't combine DRC cover ability and Prince's tackling ability.  They would have a HOF caliber DB.