Reese confirms Giants will pick best available player

General Manager Jerry Reese said, again, that the Giants will pick the best available player on the board.

“Best player available. The draft stands alone,” he said.

The Giants have the No. 12 pick in the draft and seven picks overall. Whomever they pick at No. 12, Reese expects them to make an immediate impact.

“You pick a guy at 12 and expect him to make a contribution right away,” he said.

The team expects to get at least two or three starters from their first few picks.

Reese said that free agency doesn’t have a lot of effect on the draft. He also said he’s more willing to take risks on players with the later picks in the draft.

“You try to take the cleanest guy possible in the first few [rounds],” the GM said.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

This year more than ever you’ll see the “BPA” in effect. First off, Reese does not have a lot of wiggle room in this draft to experiment, so he’s under orders to take a players that have the best chance to contribute right away.

Based on his reaction to a question regarding who will play LT if Will Beatty can’t, you could tell by the hesitation in Reese’s voice, they’re looking to draft a player on the OL and probably early.

His answer was “the kid from New Orleans (Charles Brown)”, who’s played “a lot of football.” Brown was signed to a one-year deal, so Reese is not looking at him as a long-term solution. He also hedged a bit when asked about the center position, even naming Chris Snee as a possibility. I can’t see that coming to pass.

As for TE, Reese did not tip his hand when asked about North Carolina’s Eric Ebron saying he has players on the current roster that can make plays, too.

In general, Reese stuck to his standard canned answer to most questions: “We’re keeping all of our options open.”


I say get the best place offense linemen you can


"The team expects to get at least 2 or 3 STARTERS,

 from their first few picks."

This a TROUBLESOME Strategy.......


The thing is we don't know what their draft board looks like. Nobody saw Pugh as the BPA last year, but they did.


of course it goes without saying that all of us fans will not agree that the player(s) the jints select in any round are bpa, one thing i know for sure if we agree reese is competent if not he is incompetent.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop ...Or a testament to how deep this draft is.  Only time will tell.  Safe to assume whoever they pick at #1 will be a starter Week 1, whether its OL DL TE or WR.  And if they pick that TE from ND in round 2, it's likely he'll start Week 1 as well.

So I guess it's damned if you don't, damned if you do when it comes to Reese's draft?  If the draft picks don't make an instant impact, they're a bust.   If they get 2-3 rookie starters, it's because the roster Reese put together sucked, and they're relying on rookies.



Right..and that pick at least worked out pretty well so far. Reese needs to hit it out of the park this year. No more projects...Pros only please.