Osi Umenyiora … to the Jets?

Osi Umenyiora could remain in New York after all.

The Giants defensive end rumored to be all but gone from the Giants this off-season has left the door open for a stay in the Big Apple, though in a different-colored jersey.

After a decade with the Giants, Umenyiora was open about the possibility to moving on, with the Jets as a potential landing spot.

“I prefer to finish out my career (with the Giants). But there’s a lot of things in play here. It’s not going to be totally my decision. They’re going to have some decisions to make also. It’s going to be a collective effort,” Umenyiora told reporters in New Orleans Thursday.

He is in search of a new deal, which has not gone over well with Giants GM Jerry Reece in the past.

In an interview with ESPN New York 87.7, Umenyiora said his agent will be contacting a couple of teams, including the Jets.

“Rex Ryan, when I was coming out of college he was with Baltimore at the time and he came down to work me out at Troy, he came to Atlanta, just me and him. We had a pretty good time out there so I’ve always enjoyed him as a coach and as a person. That might be a good fit. Hopefully it will be with the Giants,” Umenyiora told the Post.

“Honestly, man, I think not only do I want to get something financially, but I want a chance to prove I am who I say I am. Wherever I get the best opportunity to do that is I think where I’m going to go. Hopefully that’ll be in New York.”

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