NFL passes three rules

The NFL passed three new rules for the upcoming season this morning:

They raised the goalposts up five feet, made the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play reviewable (the “Navorro Bowman” rule) and voted to keep the game clock running after a QB sack outside of two minutes.

The league will also be experimenting with PATs in the first two weeks of preseason. Attempts in those games will be moved from the two to the 20 yard line. Two-point conversions will remain as is.

The NFL Competition Committee released it’s statement on sportsmanship do’s and dont’s. (READ)


Raised the goal post? All that does is take away long kicks. They should have made it more narrow, not taller. This is a mistake. They are actually taking away drama from the game by doing this (will result in more punts). By making it narrow instead it would have been more exciting to see kicks go wide. It's fun to watch a kicker hit a 55+ yard fg for the win, this can not happen now.