NFL Draft Diary: Mayock, Lewan and Ebron

Here’s a few snippets from Wednesday’s Play 60 event at Chelsea Piers…

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock

Is there a guy that wouldn’t reach 18 that you feel would be a really good fit for the Jets if they moved up, lets say, eight spots?

“I don’t know how high they think they’re going to get up or how low they think Michael Evans would fall, but obviously wide receiver and corner are issues there. I don’t see them moving up to be honest with you. I think they can sit at 18 and get even a (Brandon) Cooks or even a Beckham if they’re lucky. I think they’re doing their homework, John Idzik does his homework and I think they’re saying ‘alrright, if a Mike Evans slides into the 12-13 range, why wouldn’t go get him?”

With both the Jets and Giants in the market for secondary help, I asked Mayock about Stanley Jean-Baptiste, a 6.3, 220lb CB out of Nebraska, who is climbing up the boards because of his size and agility.

“I’ve got him higher than most teams. To me, he could sneak into the end of the first round and nobody’y really talking about him but he’s 6’2 1/2, 218 and he looks like a cross between (Seahawks’ CB Richard) Sherman and that other corner Brandon Browner. He’s a kid that fits today’s NFL and we keep talking about Mike Evans and all those big receivers, that’s who you’ll need to cover them.”

With Will Hill likely to be suspended, the Giants could be looking for one. Is (Alabama safety) Ha Ha Clinton-Dix rated higher because of the thin market at safety in this draft?

“I think he and (Louisville’s Calvin) Pryor are the two best safeties in the draft, therefore I think they’re both going to go in the top 20-25 picks worst case scenario but they are clearly the two top safeties, That’s why they’re going to go,”

Any dark horses at safety in this draft?

“Deone Bucannon of Washington State is moving up boards. I think he’ll go early in the second round, Jimmy Ward (Northern Illinois) is a really solid kid that will go in the second or third. Teams are looking more and more at corners that they can covert to safeties and you might see some more of that in the third, fourth, fifth round.”

Bucannon visited the Giants this spring.

Two players linked to the Giants – Notre Dame OL Zack Martin and Pittsburgh DT  Aaron Donald.

Taylor Lewan, the OT from Michigan, was on hand. He was being trailed by a video crew. The Falcons are allegedly looking to take Lewan with the No. 6 overall pick.

Do you think there’s a chance you might be staying here with the Giants?

“You never know. Any team I get drafted by whether it’s the Giants or the Patriots, I;m just happy to be here. Whatever team I get picked by I’ll be a big fan of.”

Lewan has an assault charge pending in Michigan and visited with several teams, including the Giants this spring. He was asked if they had more questions about him or his playing ability…

“All questions have been the same whether it be on the field stuff or off the field, they’ve all been the same. I believe it (the charge) will all be taken care of.”

He explained he was just trying to break up a fight that involved his brother and things were “blown out of proportion.”

I dare you to find a more loquacious and confident young man than UNC TE Eric Ebron…

Do you see yourself coming into the city here and making an impact?

“Of course, I see myself anywhere and making an impact. That’s your dream, that’s your goal.”

On his personality:

“My personality fits in everywhere, do I’m not worried about my personality at all. My game is different from my personality. My personality portrays nothing of what I play like, so it’s like two different animals.”

“My personality is fun-loving, you know I love to have fun, make people happy and smile. On the field, I’m a beast, I’m an animal. It changes. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Ebron was asked if he visited the Jets and/or the Giants in a recent visit to New York.

“Nope. I came to New York, That’s it. See, you don’t know.”

On his interaction with the Jets…

”The only person I talked to is Quentin Coples and as far as I know they like me. Coples and I are good friends, we went to the same college (UNC). That’s all I really know from the Jets.”

Ebron models his game after San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis.

“I watch his highlights. I watch his film. I watch everything Vernon Davis does and I mold it into Eric Ebron.”

Let’s say you go to the Giants, Do you think they’ll use you like the 49ers use Davis?

“I think I would force them to open up their playbook a little bit more with my talents and my skills for them to do things like that.”

What would you say you’re top skill is: speed, hands, ability to get open…

“All three. All three bundled into one. Those are really my traits, my assets to being the person I am now.”


Ebron strikes me as kind of a flake for lack of a better term. He talks a good game,but can he back it up? Not if he can't block he won't...

Also, I still like Taylor Lewan and I really hope he's still there when we pick at #12. In fact, I was watching a draft related show hosted by Mike Mayock last night where he had a round table of guys like Mariuchi, Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, Rich Eisen and a few writers and bloggers where they were all playing the role of GM. Anyway, they went pick by pick with each of them trading off as role of GM...and wouldn't you know it, Taylor Lewan fell right to the NY Giants in this particular mock draft. I loved it! Wish it were true. I also really want TE Troy Niklas from ND in round 2. Hope we get him... 

Mayock's personal mock draft is tonight on NFL Network if you're interested...


@fast_eddie I hear that the Giants are higher on Zack martin than Lewan. Obviously that rating isnt based on talent. And you have to wonder, if a team is rating players on versatility more than talent, what is wrong with the front office.

Still, Lewan's issues could be lingering ones and indicative of serious off-field character issues. If they pass on him, I hope its based on real things. He's worlds better than Zack martin.


@fast_eddie  ......  Eddie, I don't get the NFL Network. I'm assuming you will be watching tonight. Could you file a report here on what Mayock says on his Top 12 for his mock draft? Particularly interested in his views for the Giants of course, but the first 11 picks and/or trades involving the first 11 picks will dictate what the Giants do at #12. Thanks in advance!

SNYGiants moderator

@fast_eddie  Ebron is a little full of himself but the Giants may not care. Shockey was full of himself too.

Lewan seems pretty grounded. Not as big as I thought, but then again, I'm 6'3" myself.

Mayock seemed excited to talk about Jean-Baptiste and Bucannon. 


@spider43 @fast_eddie  

Yeah sure...I'll be watching the Rangers/Penguins playoff game, but I will be switching back and forth between 9:00 & 10:00 as best I can to see what Mayock has to say. I'll post whatever I get to see regarding the top picks and any Giants stuff too. Hopefully some other guys that get to see it will too...should be interesting.

Just curious, was Spider Lockhart your favorite player growing up?


Mayock has Manziel going to the Cowboys at #16 believe it or not...that's a real shocker.


@spider43 @fast_eddie  


Mayock has Lewan going to the Falcons at #6, He has Mike Evans going to the Bucks at #7 Justin Gilbert going to the Vikings at #8 and Zack Martin going to the Bills at #9...Not good for the Giants at all! 

...As for the Giants, he has them taking Eric Ebron at surprise there since I heard Mayock say he liked Ebron there earlier this week..

Not what I wanted to hear. :-(


@fast_eddie  ...  Yes, I was a Spider Lockhart fan. Had a handful of others I liked during the dreadful years of the Giants, but Spider was one of the better, more talented players the Giants had in the 70's on defense prior to the Harry Carson/Lawrence Taylor years. I loved when the Giants had Fran Tarkenton at QB too, but he didn't have too much supporting help on offense at that time to turn the Giants into a playoff team. It wasn't until Geroge Young became the team's GM did the Giants fortunes finally start turning around.