NFL Combine 2014

NFL Combine Notes: Donald up, Sam down after workouts

South Carolina DE Jadaveon Clowney lit up the NFL Combine yesterday with his speed and agility, but is he going to be a star in the NFL? His final season at SC was less than impressive and his desire and commitment are still in question.

He could be fool’s gold. There’s a buzz that if you need to improve your defense, take Buffalo LB Khalil Mack, who is guaranteed to dominate in the NFL.

The Houston Texans have the first pick in the draft and are in dire need of a QB. Clowney may be too good to pass up, but there’s a reason the Texans have the top pick: they need players. If I were them, I’d trade out of that pick and still get my QB.

Missouri DE Michael Sam showed average ability in his workouts. He needed a better showing to increase interest in him. Some teams will stay away on general principle. Other teams that were considering him could slide him down their boards. In addition, he’s not OLB material. He’s a DE. Can he line up and succeed at this level with his hand in the dirt?

Someone’s going to get a good player in Pitt DT Aaron Donald. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said this about Donald’s combine performance: “”I will put this day up … with any defensive tackle [at the combine] in the last 10 years.”

The team that will be smiling the widest this May are the St. Louis Rams. They have the No. 2 (from Washington) and the No. 13 selections in what is being called the deepest draft in years. No matter what Houston does, they will get an impact player should they stand still. If Houston passes on Clowney, they either take him or trade out for more picks. Meanwhile, Washington can only sit and watch.


Any team that drafts Michael Sam does not realize the problems that they will have on and off the field, it will be a circus OMG!  I pray its not the they can't be that stupid!


clowney has talent but will he be a diva and need to be treated with kid gloves to get production out of him. 

johnny fb doesn't seem to make plays in the pocket & i don't think you can win in the nfl with a run first qb or run a disciplined offense with one.

they both scare me & i'm glad the jints don't have that decision to make.


clowney has talent, no question. but when your own college coach basically says you have a poor work ethic, it speaks volumes about  you.  i definitely would not take this kid 1st overall.