NFL announces compensatory draft picks: Giants awarded 5th rounder

The NFL announced the compensatory draft picks for the upcoming NFL Draft. The Giants were awarded a fifth round selection. (NFL Media)

Those picks are….

Round 1: Pick 12
Round 2: Pick 11 (43rd overall)
Round 3: Pick 10 (74)
Round 4: Pick 13 (113)
Round 5: Picks 12 (152) and Pick 34 (174)
Round 6: Pick 11 (187)

The Giants do not have a seventh round selection as they traded it last October to Carolina in exchange for LB Jon Beason.

The decision to award the Giants a 5th rounder was based on the ratio of talent lost vs talent acquired during the 2013 free agency period.

Lost: Martellus Bennett, Chase Blackburn, Domenik Hixon, Osi Umenyiora
Gained: Josh Brown, Ryan Mundy, Brandon Myers

This draft is one of the deepest in years, and the Giants will surely benefit from the extra pick.


One "project" we should look at with a later pick is Stork. Given a year he could be a decent center. I would love too see something like Donald/lewan, Nicholas, stork, mason. Way to early, but get impact and need


Doesn't matter how many picks we have or get awarded if the draft picks are wasted or traded away for project-type players. If we can't pick players who can hit the ground running like other teams manage to do, then there has to be a change at the top at some point... with a new draft philosophy that can be quickly developed and implemented, benefiting the team sooner than later.

Richard George Novotny III
Richard George Novotny III

@spider43 I say Reese gets one last draft to demonstrate he has changed his philosophy.

He has done so with FA already - signing appropriate contracts to age appropriate players. Perhaps he has realized that draft project players usually ends in two results: 1) They bust and do no good for our team or 2) develop enough just in time to sign a contract out of our price range.

Call it optimism, but I have a good feeling Reese is smart enough to see that what he has been doing just simply isn't working anymore. Needless to say, we'll have a much better idea about the future of the G-Men come June 1st.


The owner seemed pretty determined to change the teams philosophy. Hopefully that sentiment turns into more impactful draft picks.