NFC Playoff Picture Not Set in Stone with One Game Left

Tom Uddo

With just one game left, the NFC playoff picture isn’t written in ink. Two games will decide division titles in both the NFC East and the NFC North, while somehow the New Orleans Saints are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs altogether if the Arizona Cardinals are able to sneak in.

Here is a look at where the NFC stands as of right now…

#1 – (X) Seattle 12-3nfc

#2 – (X) Carolina 11-4

#3 – Philadelphia 9-6

#4 – Chicago 8-7

#5 – (X) San Francisco 11-4

#6 – New Orleans 10-5

In the hunt: Arizona 10-5, Green Bay 7-7-1, Dallas 8-7

*Y Denotes team has clinched division

*X Denotes team has clinched playoff berth

Both the #3 and #4 seed are still up in the air and will be based on the outcomes of the winner-take-all games. The Green Bay Packers couldn’t have asked for a better time to get QB Aaron Rodgers back as they will take on the Chicago Bears for the NFC North title, with the loser being locked out of the playoff party.

On the other side of the coin, the Dallas Cowboys will be without QB Tony Romo for the remainder of the season, but there season will only go on further if they are able to get past the Philadelphia Eagles, with the winner claiming the NFC East crown and the other getting their seat warm on the couch.

With a win, the Seattle Seahawks would claim the top spot in the NFC. If they end up losing to the St.Louis Rams, the Carolina Panthers could swoop in and steal the #1 seed with a victory against the lowly Atlanta Falcons.

The San Francisco 49ers could move all the way up to the #1 seed in the NFC with a win, accompanied by losses from both the Seahawks and Panthers, which isn’t as impossible as everyone thought two weeks ago.

The New Orleans Saints are on the edge of the playoffs, but a victory will get them in. With a Niners loss, the Saints can gain position in the seeding, moving up to the #5 spot. If they end up losing, and the Arizona Cardinals can find a way to beat the Niners, the Saints will miss the playoffs. Yes, read that again, with a Saints loss, and a Cardinals victory, New Orleans will flat out miss postseason play.

Here we go!

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

BTW with all the talk of the NFC Least the Central has been worse. Their division winner will win 9 games while Philly will end up with 10.

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

No way NO loses at home to the Bucs. Its unfair but the way of the world but the Cards may end up with 11 wins and be out of the playoffs. Sucks to be them.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@Major Pain 0303 I guess you're just completely discounting Dal having any chance to win and giving the division to Phi haha