New York Giants News and Notes for Feb 1

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Last year at this time we were bracing for another showdown with the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This year, we’re scratching for crumbs loathing the upcoming matchup between the hated 49ers and the not-so-liked Ravens. Here’s some reading material to keep your mind lucid…..

A reporter asked 49ers’ WR Mario Manningham if he was going to repeat his famous catch from last year’s Super Bowl in this this year’s game.….Art Stapleton of the Record reports:

A reporter sidled up to former Giant Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham with what he figured was an easy question during Thursday morning’s 49ers media session.

“You made the big Super Bowl catch last year, so will you again Sunday?”

The obvious answer is no, considering Manningham underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL two weeks ago and he will not play in the game.

With crutches by his side, Manningham pointed to his left knee and responded: “You could Google me.”

Manningham turned around, looked at me and shook his head, laughing in disbelief.

Justin Tuck is a guy who always seems to be on the right side of the issues. Since the 49ers’ Chris Culliver stated openly gay players are persona non grata in the NFL (he retracted and apologized yesterday), every player interviewed is being asked for their view on the subject. Here is what Tuck had to say as per Tom Rock of Newsday:

“I think all guys are similar in the fact that they don’t discriminate against gays or what somebody else believes in,” Tuck said. “For me, am I gay? No. Do I have any problems with being friends or teammates with someone who has decided to be gay? No. Like Larry [Fitzgerald, the Cardinals receiver who also appears in the documentary] said, all we care about is having teammates who are going to help us win football games and be champions.

“If we had a gay teammate who was going to do that, I don’t have any problems with it.”

On a sad note, we lost former mayor Ed Koch this morning. He was 88. Koch was most certainly an interesting, indelible character in NYC lore. He was a man who stood by his principles, and at times those principles got in his way of doing the right thing for the greater good. When the Giants won the Super Bowl in January of 1987, Koch would not grant the Giants a permit to hold a ticker-tape victory parade in lower Manhattan. He always considered their 1976 defection to the swamps of Jersey a slap in the face to the great city he loved.

Form Jonette Howard of ESPN NewYork:

In 1987, Koch was still the shoot-from-the-lip mayor of New York, and he declined to reprise one of those silly politician’s bets with San Francisco mayor Dianne Feinstein when the Giants and 49ers met in the NFC playoffs. Koch was still steamed that the Giants left New York in 1976 for a new stadium and some mighty fine tax breaks in the Meadowlands — a very pastoral-sounding name for some swampland that lies a few miles from Manhattan, just off Exit 16W on the Turnpike.

Koch won steaks from Feinstein the first time around — nice swag, right? — but the second time he said if it was another wager Feinstein wanted she’d probably find they make a passable cheesesteak sandwich in Moonachie. But he added insult to injury by botching the pronunciation and saying “mah-NOO-chee” instead of the proper “moo-NAH-key.” A Catskills comedian couldn’t have mangled it better.

Then Koch refused to issue a city permit for a Canyon of Heroes parade when the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl.

“If the Giants want a parade,” Koch sniffed, “let them parade in front of the oil drums in …” (oh, no) “… Moonachie.”