Nassib will take second-team reps

Ryan Nassib will take the majority of second-team reps during training camp, according to quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf (Orr, June 27).

“The second-team guy will get about half the snaps that the first-string guy gets and the third-string guy will get about half of the second string guy,” Langsdorf said. “You can do the math there, but it is hard to rep three guys with the first-string for sure. That’s why it’s important for the third-string guy to spend time in the meeting room and get the work in.”

Langsdorf expects Curtis Painter to take the third-team reps.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Nassib cost the Giants two picks in last year’s draft, so he’s expected to make major strides over last season when he did not dress for a single game.

New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s system is very similar to the one Nassib succeeded in at Syracuse. So far this offseason he has looked like a different player. Let’s see how far he’s come when the bullets start to fly.