Monday Morning Notes: All the top FA centers are gone

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

On tap for this week….Expect little when it comes to the Giants. Per the NFLPA Public League Cap Report, the Giants have just $3.5 million in available cap space. They will not realize the $5 million in cap relief from the termination of David Baas’ contract until after June 1st.

Teams that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2013 regular season may begin offseason workout programs today. All other teams will begin in two weeks, April 21st.

Giants’ Offseason Workout Schedule

First Day: April 21
OTA Offseason Workouts: May 28-30, June 2-3, June 5, June 9-10, June 12-13
Mandatory Minicamp: June 17-19

On the free agent front, former Saints’ C Brian De La Puente, who was coveted by almost every Giant fan, signed a one-year deal with the Bears. So, no more chatter about him, please.

Don’t mention Browns’ center Alex Mack anymore, either. The Browns reportedly will match Jacksonville’s three-year, $22 million offer sheet for him and are willing to go higher, if needed.

The Chris Johnson rumors have died down as well. There were initial reports that several teams – including the Giants – would be vying for his services. Thus far, no team has expressed interest in Johnson, who wants to “choose his new team by this week” as per PFT. We’ll find out today when teams can officially begin negotiating with him.

The addition of Kellen Davis eases the Giants’ minds a bit at TE for now. Davis is not the open-field receiver the Giants prefer at the position, but his is a strong blocker and short field option. He’s the new Bear Pascoe. That spells trouble for one of the other three TEs,  most likely Daniel Fells.

With the Giants still developing Larry Donnell and Adrien Robinson, Davis will take the majority of snaps while new OC Ben McAdoo figures out who his receiving TE will be. 


Mr. F---

It just seams the O-Line is only 3/5 Done....

a Center & ROG ?????

LT - Beatty  -- ???

LG- Schwartz -- Solid

C - Walton -- ???, Not Worth RISKing ELI....

RG - Snee -- IMO, wont make it threw the Season.

RT- Pugh -- Solid

After ELI was CRUSHed in the Last Game of the Season,

Behind a Rag-Tag, Bush League O-Line,

Why take Such a Chance with ELI ???

REESE has NOT FIXXED the O-Line..........

ELI should have Not Been OUT THERE....


a STARTing F.A. Vet Center or a Stout F.A. Vet RG

should have been Acquired.....

So much work to the Defense,

Tells us,

that the Defense was BROKEN ALSO...

and DC FeWell got a PASS.....

.........smells like O-Line Trouble, once again.....


As far as our TE situation, I think what we have to bank on as far as the players already on the roster goes, is that Adrien Robinson is somehow able to develop more under McAdoo's system than he was under Gilbride's. Kellen Davis will basically be a blocking TE and possibly a short yardage guy. He's a VERY big dude and could be utilized almost like another O lineman. We have no idea if Robinson could be used as a pass catching TE - we haven't really seen him on the field as of yet. Maybe this will finally be the year where we see his potential. The big question remains...will we draft a guy like Ebron to become that offensive weapon that Eli would covet to become our go to TE when we need offensive yardage - or do we go O line for a guy to protect Eli's blind side so he has time to look down field for a WR. I still say they go either Lewan, Evans or Donald if either one falls to #12. Your mileage may vary...


I think the RG we got from Miami is a solid player and should help if Snee can't stay on the field. Hopefully we draft Lewan.

Still, I'm very concerned about center. And I can't believe we didn't being in DLP given what he's actually getting paid.


@fast_eddie Hi fasteddie, keep in mind Adrien Robinson was having an outstanding training camp last year catching passes, then seems he was hurt all year but never placed on IR which is still somewhat of a mystery to me.

I still think it's likely Giants will sign Finley when he gets cleared. He'll have knowledge of McAdoo's system so would hit the ground running per se. If that happens Finley, Robinson & Donnel is a nice stable at TE leaving us the availability to draft OT, WR or DT.

Re O Line I'm not so concerned about Walton at center I'm more concerned about Beatty. Will he be in football shape and then will he return to 2012 form which was good. The other concern is depth at center so I'm sure they're going to have to teach Pugh the center position.

So all in all we still have some important moves to make. If we can sign a healthy Finley that would be of great help but still we need an impact WR Evans would be great and say a prayer about the OL but our defense should be should be fine even w/out Donald