Monday Morning Hangover: We Told You So

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Yesterday, I published my prediction and it was mildly received. I took the Ravens and the four points based on the general consensus that the Super Bowl would be a very close game.

It turned out to be a close one, score-wise, but keep in mind, the Ravens were up five and took the safety to get out of their own end in the final seconds.

In games such as these, I’d rather have the points in my pocket than in the bookie’s…

I didn’t offer my prediction on the over/under (47 1/2) because I felt this was an over game and many people close to me were playing the under big time. This game was over all the way. Both offenses had been playing well.

We told you experience at QB would be a factor. It was. Joe Flacco was cool as a cucumber and played flawlessly. Colin Kaepernick showed what he was made of too, but you could see that he was a bit overwhelmed by his surroundings at times.

How bizarre was the brownout during the game? It took 34 minutes to get power back up to the affected side of the stadium. Somebody is on the carpet right now over this one. Or already fired…

What I did not understand is why the Ravens were so flat after the delay. They got caught flatfooted for the better part of the third quarter. Can’t recall when I last saw such a drastic swing in momentum in a game. They recovered, by the way…

Wonder if this prop bet was played: The Niners would never have the lead in the game.

Always a telling stat…. third down percentage. Ravens went 9-16 (56%) while the Niners went 2-9 (22%). The Ravens were also 2-4 in the red zone to the Niners’ 2-6.