Justin Tuck plans to play on Sunday; Giants need to prepare for no JPP or Rolle

Justin Tuck plans to play on Sunday against the Colts, he told the media after practice on Tuesday.

Tuck said that his back “feels great.”

Tuck also said that the Giants should be prepared to play their first regular season game without Jason Pierre-Paul or Antrel Rolle.

“Hold the fort until we can get our studs back,” he said.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

As I always say – trust the math and follow the calendar………JPP was given a 12-week rehab schedule after his June 4th operation. That brings us to September 4th, or four days before the opener. That means he will have less than a week to prepare for the season opener Sept 8th. That’s asking a lot, even for “Superman.”

Rolle said he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain but he did hurt it pretty good…

But he will be challenged to make the opener because he may not be able to run for a few weeks…