Jon Beason will not require surgery for foot injury

The Giants announced Tuesday that LB Jon Beason will not need surgery for the sesamoid fracture and torn ligament in his right foot (Giants, June 17).

Beason suffered the injury last week during practice.

It was initially thought that Beason would require surgery, which would’ve required a 12-week recovery time, but a decision was made against surgery after Beason was examined by Foot and Ankle Specialist Dr. Robert Anderson on Monday.

As the first step in his rehab, Beason’s foot will be immobilized for six weeks.

Beason weighed in on the prognosis, saying his “plan is to work as hard as I can during my rehab so I can be fully recovered around the start of the regular season on Monday night in Detroit.”


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Michael Frias
Michael Frias

That's very good news. 6 weeks gets him to August, then he'll pretty much have en entire month to get his foot strong enough to carry the load of the regular season.

Him being on the field for Week 1 sounds a lot more promising than it did last week.