Hall of Fame Announcements Due Today: Strahan, Parcells Could Get Call

Today is the day we find out who gets elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013. The finalists for this year’s class are:

First year eligibles: Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden, Michael Strahan, Warren Sapp
Second-year eligibles: Will Shields, Aeneas Williams, Kevin Greene, Edward DeBartolo, Jr.
Other finalists: Jerome Bettis (3rd year of eligibility), Tim Brown (4th), Charles Haley (4th), Bill Parcells (4th), Cris Carter (6th), Andre Reed (7th), Art Modell (l2th)
Veteran nominees: Curley Culp, Dave Robinson

To be eligible for election, modern-era players and coaches must be retired at least five consecutive seasons. Contributors need not be retired. To be elected, a finalist must receive a minimum positive vote of 80 percent.

The 44-member Selection Committee is holding its annual selection meeting this weekend in New Orleans, the site of the Super Bowl. The accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche will tabulate the results and present the sealed envelope containing the names of the newly-elected class to the Hall of Fame’s President/Executive Director Steve Perry during a live, nationally-televised announcement show from Super Bowl media headquarters in New Orleans.

The announcements will be carried live on NFL Network this afternoon at 5:30pm

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

By all accounts, Larry Allen will be at the top of the class. He’s a lock. My other picks are:  Strahan, Ogden, Bettis, Parcells, Modell and one of the veterans. Both Culp and Robinson were great in their day, but I don’t have a preference. Based on some of the recent choices, it’s a crapshoot.

There may be some sentiment for DeBartolo because his Niners are in town. He belongs anyway. Sapp will probably get shut out. He’ll have to wait, but he’s worthy. So is Haley. The rest are borderline.