Hakeem Nicks signs with Roc Nation

Hakeem Nicks will now be represented by Roc Nation Sports.

Similar to Victor Cruz, whose marketing is handled by Roc Nation, but not his playing contract, Nicks will sign with CAA for his playing deal and have Roc Nation handle everything else.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Interesting. A no-lose deal for the rep group, but Nicks’ numbers don’t lie. He did not score a touchdown in 2013 and has only three over his last 22 regular season games. That lack of paydirt production is certain to bring his price down.

The Giants may have already put Nicks in their rearview mirror. They won’t overpay for him this spring, if they even make him an offer at all. Tom Coughlin was not pleased with Nicks’ dedication in the preseason, but to be fair, Nicks did have some physical issues that slowed him down last season.

Only 26, Nicks still has plenty of football to play going forward, but of what quality is still to be determined. His better days may be behind him and the Giants cannot be gambling right now on players that may be on the downward slope of their careers.



Sign Nicks if they don't they'll be sorry.....what ever team he signs with he will be a super star all over again......trust me.

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@georgie There's never been a question about his talent, it's his injuries and lack of production, 3 tds in 22 games and 0 in 2013, yeah...they'll be real sorry


@Brian Bannon @georgie  

Whats been in Question,


he missed ReHab Treatments, time after time....

and Didn't FIGHT for the BALL when on the Field,

this caused Dropped Passes & INT's...

let him GO---

Get a 4th ROUND, C-Pick for him Next Year....


@georgie  Nicks hurt our team more than he helped last year.  We would have been better off giving more reps to Randle.