Giants to interview Mike Sullivan this week

The Giants will interview Mike Sullivan on Tuesday or Wednesday (Orr).

Sullivan would likely take over for offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who announced his retirement last week.

Sullivan was the Giants wide receivers and later, quarterbacks coach, before becoming Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator under Greg Schiano.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants never wander too far astray when looking to bring in coaches and players. Anyone they sign is usually a known entity who had a relationship with either the team or one of the coaches.

Such is the case with Sullivan, a Tom Coughlin (and Kevin Gilbride) disciple who is a former West Pointer that knows his way around QDTC. How much of a stretch he will be from Gilbride is questionable. I’m guessing not much.


gotta defer to tc and keep him happy until he decides when to hang it up, by then who knows what the team will look like.


Sullivan is no improvement over Gillbride.

maybe Norv Turner will get fired in Cleveland and the Giants can get him.


MARA's is TRUELY Clueless....

Why FORCE FIRE KillDrive,

to Hire KillDrive JR. ?!?!??!?


Would this even be a CHANGE ?!?!?!?


a Fake Change....

Under REESE's Management.

we find the NYG's DECIMATED......

and MARA thinks the same CLOWN,

is GOing to FIX it !!!!! 

As long as REESE is HERE the GIANTs

will continue to be a SUB-PAR Team....

Very SAD !!!!!

I ask MARA....

WHAT About the FANs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Deserve Better !!!

Bo Beck
Bo Beck

Why fire Gilbride if your only going to bring in this clown. T.B offense was putrid and he wouldn't improve this one.

Anthony Giammattei
Anthony Giammattei

Even if Sullivan only get's the Giant's quarterback and receivers on the same page, he'll be miles ahead of what Gilbride did last year.


Sure hope they interview more and decide against bringing in someone that was already here and worked with Gillbride and company, offense needs some fresh ideas not recycled ones. Wouldn't be a fan of this as I don't think it it changes enough, seems like it would be a lateral move.