Giants sign Mark Herzlich to new deal

The Giants have announced they have signed LB Mark Herzlich to a new deal.

In his first three years with the Giants, Herzlich played in 43 games with six starts. He has 57 tackles (44 solo) on defense and 33 special teams tackles.

In 2013, Herzlich played in all 16 games for the second year in a row, with two starts (at Carolina and Kansas City). He had a career-high 32 tackles (26 solo) and a team-leading 14 special teams tackles (12 solo).

Herzlich was set to be a restricted free agent.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

As of this morning, the terms of the deal remain undisclosed. We’re figuring he got a two-year deal at less than his tender price (the league’s minimum salary for a fourth-year player is $730K). The Giants love this guy and he produces on specials, plus he’s a solid citizen and locker room presence. He also brings some depth to the LB unit, which is still incomplete at this time. You can practically pencil him in on the team’s 53-man roster right now.

Had the Giants tendered Herzlich, the minimum they could have offered him was $1.431 million, which is the original round tender price they gave to teammate Spencer Paysinger. Since Paysinger wasn’t drafted, his tender carries no compensation.



Probably "no" to Osi. That will just reintroduce problems again when a fresh start is needed. If he would play an Elephant position (3rd down rush specialist) like Kevin Greene and Fred Dean used to do, then I'd say it might be worth signing him depending on the money. Otherwise, I'm not sure Osi would be an answer.  As for Tate, he'll be the belle at the ball that everyone wants to dance with and court, so I don't see his price being the reasonable contract that Reese will want to obtain him at. More likely the Giants would try to bargain shop with Starks from Green Bay, and considering McAdoo is our new OC, I don't think that would necessarily be a bad acquisition, but we'd certainly have concerns if he could manage to stay healthy a whole year the way we use RBs.

We have almost $20 million to spend to acquire between 23 - 27 players to fill out the 53 man roster. That money is not going to go far at all if a "premiere" free agent talent is brought aboard. Plus money is still needed to sign all the new draft picks in May... so things are looking very tight right now. Even if they can get Snee and Baas to restructure, it still won't be enough money in my mind to bring in some serious improvements. I'm thinking other like Rolle and Kiwi probably need to restructure as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if both Joseph and Tuck walk away and their money is used elsewhere (although I would have to think that their money is already included in that $20 million cap money available)...