Giants sign Beckham, Richburg, Kennard and Jackson

The Giants have signed first-round draft pick Odell Beckham Jr. The team also signed second-round pick Weston Richburg, Devon Kennard and Bennett Jackson.

Beckham, Richburg, Kennard and Jackson join Andre Williams and Nat Berhe as picks the Giants have inked.

Now, only third-round pick Jay Bromley is the unsigned pick from the draft.

All rookie deals are for the standard four years with the exception of Beckham’s, who as a first round selection, receives a fifth-year team option.

According to the website, Beckham’s contract is worth four years, $10.4 million. He is only the fourth first-round selection from this year’s NFL Draft under contract to date. Oakland’s Khalil Mack (5th overall), Chicago’s Kyle Fuller (14th) and New Orleans’ Brandin Cooks (20th) are the others. Beckham was taken 12th overall by the Giants.

No details have been released on the Richburg deal. Other deals: Williams was inked to four years, $2.6736 million; Berhe four years, $2.412 million and Kennard four years, $2.364 million. Jackson’s deal is reportedly four years, $2.33 million.

From the Giants:

At LSU, Beckham claimed the 2013 Hornung Award as college football’s most versatile player and earned first-team All-America honors as a junior last year as both a kick returner (Football Writers Association of America) and return specialist ( Beckham also set the LSU record and finished second in SEC single-season history with 2,315 all-purpose yards in 2013, completing his career with 15 touchdowns and 4,118 all-purpose yards, which rank No. 5 in LSU history.

Richburg finished his career at Colorado State in 2013 as a four-year starter who recorded 50 consecutive starts, never missing a game, and setting the school record for career starts (50). He was named first-team All-Mountain West in 2013 after earning honorable mention in 2012 and second-team honors in 2011 as a sophomore.

Kennard played both defensive end and outside linebacker at USC, and his father, Derek, was an All-America offensive lineman at Nevada who played 11 seasons in the NFL with the Cardinals, Saints, and Cowboys, including the 1995 Dallas team that won the Super Bowl.

Originally arriving at Notre Dame as a wide receiver, Jackson started all 13 games on defense for the Irish in 2013, registering 64 tackles, three pass breakups and two interceptions with five tackles for loss and one forced fumble. He scored his first touchdown for the Irish on a 34-yard interception return against Purdue. Jackson was one of the Giants’ five draft choices who were team captains last season. Richburg, Bromley, Berhe, and Kennard were the others.


Not surprised Bromley the last to sign. I am sure there is a bit of negotiation going on since Bromley's value does not fit his draft slot.  This why you shouldn't take guys too early simply because you like them because you end up over paying with the pick as well as with the salary.  Now your going to end up paying this guy way more than what you could have.  Just another example of bad draft strategy.  

Lets say you have 600,000 dollar budget to buy a house and you come upon a house that the market says is worth 400,000 dollars, but you simply love this house.  Loving the house does not mean you should pay 600,000 dollars for it and then justify that you scored the house you love.  That's bad common sense.  You buy the house for 400,000 maybe less if you negotiate the price down and then you keep the rest for other things.  Reese does not seem to get this or at least his draft strategies lacks this basic common sense time and time again. Again, just because its the right pick does not mean it should be the right pick at any cost.  If you can get a player in the 5th or 4th round you don't take him in the 3rd and if for some reason someone else is foolish enough to overpay and select that guy too early let them waste their assets and let them be the star struck fool.  Their impatience will allow you to benefit down the line even if you don't get that specific player.  

So here we are Reese will be paying a guy more than the market valued him in the draft and that means something.  It means money that could have been used for free agents or signing your own guys like Linvel Joseph is not available. Every dollar matters.  Reese is stingy when it comes to nickle and dimming trusted vets like Tuck who might have lost a little but had value, but then undervalues his assets when negotiating the draft.  Tuck left the giants for what two million or so more then the giants offered.  That was too much for the giants.  Yet they will be paying a rookie DLinemen who probably wont have that much impact this year close to double simply because they decided to take him in the 3rd round? I would rather have Tuck another year and took this guy in the 5th plain and simple.        

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@jaymanjay This all sounds good, and I could be wrong here, but with the new "slotted" draft system when it comes to rookie contracts, wouldn't whoever the Giants picked in the 3rd round would be getting paid nearly the same amount, regardless of where he was projected to be selected?

I know the signing bonus money is the same no matter who you pick. So is your argument that they will be overpaying for Bromley compared to what you think his talent level is?  Like, you think they could've got him for 4th round money instead of 3rd round money?  Because if they picked him in the 4th, they'd still have to pay whoever they picked in the 3rd round the 3rd round money that was negotiated in the last CBA.

And looking at the latest cap numbers, looks like the Giants would've had the money for Tuck and/or Joseph, they just chose to move on.  Giants have always been a "next man step up" organization when it comes to certain positions, interior D-Lineman has always been one of those spots.  From Cornelius Griffin to Barry Cofield, to Linval Joseph, it seems like a spot where they always cut the guy loose when he's ready to cash in.


Yeah, if they could have gotten bromley for 5th round money why pay 3rd round money. Trade out of 3rd for a future selection if you don't want to pay another player.