Giants re-sign Mike Patterson

The Giants have re-signed DT Mike Patterson, the team announced.

Patterson started one game for the Giants in 2013, but appeared in all 16. He had 23 combined tackles, including 18 solo.

He had played his previous eight seasons with the Eagles before signing with the Giants in April of 2013.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Not a surprise at all. In fact, it’s more surprising that Patterson wasn’t signed by another team by now. If he can reproduce his 2013 performance, the Giants will be more than pleased. He’ll rejoin Cullen Jenkins, Markus Kuhn and Jon Hankins in the Giants’ DT rotation.

The Giants aren’t quite done adding to this group, however. Patterson gives them only four DTs on the roster. They’ll look to add a player or two in the draft and/or sign another veteran before camp this summer. 


the WAY i see it---

Don't Need-- QB - RB - ILB - S - CB

Not 12th Pick Caliber-- C - OG - DE - TE

Need-- DT - OT - WR - OLB

Will Be Gone:

1.DE J.Clowney  2.QB J.Manziel  3.QB B.Bortles  4.QB T.Bridgewater

5.OT Robison  6.OT J.Matthews  7.WR S.Watkins  8. OLB K.Mack

could be there:

#1.DT - Aaron Donald  --- #2.DT Timmy Jernigan

#3.OT- Taylor Lewan --- #4.OT Zack Martin

#2.WR- Mike Evans

#2.OLB- Anthony Barr


if we would have Lost the Lions OverTime Game,

we would be picking 10th...


Here is my Mock 1 thru 12.  Not taking trades in account.  

1. Houston- Clowney

Bortles did a lot to raise his draft stock but not enough for the texans to pass on the next Mario Williams.  And taking a QB over Manziel would be a media nightmare.  So go with the most talented guy.  

2. Rams- Robinson

Probably would love to trade, but if they stay I think this pick is between OT and WR.  It could be watkins, but I will say Greg Robinson the most athletic TE in the draft.  

3. Jags- Mack

Again Bortles and also Manziel did a lot for their stock but not enough to out due the talents of Mack who is on par with Clowney and is instant impact.  When in doubt take the BPA and that is Mack.

4. Browns- Bortles

Finally, QB and Bortles did enough to get the Browns thinks QB.  

5. Raiders- Manziel

Raiders love the glam and the splash.  And nothing would make more of a splash than Manziel.  Raiders love the boom or bust high picks.  

6. Atlanta- Jake Mathews

Atlanta is probably pissed of that Mack, Clowney and Robinson are gone, but Mathews is probably the most cant miss of the tackles.  

7. Bucs- Watkins

Bucs will take 1 minute to make this selection.  

8. Vikings- Bridgewater

Cant win in this league without a sure fire QB.  Do they take a risk on Bridgewater? Not sure but if he does not go here get ready for a fall.  

9. Bills-  Taylor Lewan

I think this pick could be Lewan, Evans, or Ebron.  In this mock They go Lewan and protect their new QB from last year.  OT is a valued position and Lewan would probably be the top OT if he was in last years draft. 

10. Lions- Justin Gilbert

Cant go wrong with the best cover corner in the draft.  

11. Titans- Anthony Barr

Great athletic freak who is raw.  They could go Evans.  

12: Giants- Mike Evans

In this mock the giants are sweating all the way as there top guys go one by one and are lucky enough to have Evans still there.  


The key to this draft for the giants are teams who need QB's overvaluing the top 3 guys.  if either one or two fall the giants my be on the outside looking in when it comes to the top tier guys.  

I am not a fan of taking Donald, Ebron, or even Barr.  To me they all have too many flaws for the 12 th pick.  However, these three might be the top guys available when the giants select.  In that case i would rather take a guy like Zach Martin or Kelvin Benjamin a little too early or trade down to the upper or early 20's to select them.   Again the key is the QB's.  

Would love to see a draft for the giants of: 

Evans WR

Niklas TE

Martin C

McGill CB

Mcullers DT

Will Clarke DE



TE Ebron---

is a 1st round BUST...

watch the Tape,

he Played in the Spread-O,

He only ran 4 ROUTE's all Year,

6-7-8-9...  mostly the 8( Seam Route, straight down the Hash),

At NC, Plays where Designed very Well to Create Mis-Match's,

he was UN-Covered for a Few Hugh Gains...

that Padded his Stat's,

900+yds.. only 3TD's ??? RED-ZONE ???

he's made sum Great Catches,

but is a Poor BLOCKer...

at 6'4, 245... Doesn't Have NFL TE size,

there are ILBers JUST as big as Him,

a top 10, 2nd Round Talent... NOT even CLOSE at 12.....

WR Mike Evans---

is the Real Deal....

watch the Tape,

Complete SKILLSET....

 and you see a WR that BLOCKs VERY Well,

down field and OFTEN !!!

a Born Catcher, Soft Hands,

uses BODY Position, Very Well,

BOXing OUT DB's and WINNING, Jump Balls,

Play after Play....

He will be GONE - GONE GONE, by 12th.....

OT T. Lewan---

Just can't see REESE going O Line,


 REESE will Go DT...1st. DT A.Donald....


What happened to Shawn Rogers? 

aside from him being a bit of a knucklehead I thought he was a decent player. Wasn't it Adrian Petersen who said Rogers is the hardest hitting tackle in the league.   I'm sure Rogers is still trying to recoup the loss of his jewelry ( 500K's worth to a swindling hooker) 

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

That just cements Mike Evans or Eric Ebron as my projected pick at 12.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@jaymanjay Not a bad overall mock selections. I agree with you regarding the 3 QB's projected to go in the top 10. If one of them are available when the Giants select, should the Giants just select BPA or trade down (18-26) with a team that wants a QB to get another pick (hopefully a 2nd rounder). Based on your mock draft, Arizona and/or Cincinnati could be those teams interested in making a trade. I also believe that the Lions would draft Evans instead of Gilbert. based on your mock picks.

Giants need to select a player in the 1st/2nd rounds that they strongly feel can contribute immediately.

Your selections:

1-Evans WR (95% will be gone)

2-Niklas TE (Solid pick, love it)

3-Martin C (projected to go 2nd rd) if so, Swanson instead.

4-McGill CB (not sure they will draft a CB with all the CB signings) besides projected to go by round 3)

5a-Mcullers DT: big body, giants already have similar players in Hankins and Jenkins, Also projected to go late 3rd to round 4

5b-Will Clarke DE: solid pick,  but also projected to go late 3rd to round 4

6-RB: Isaiah Crowell-very similar to Bradshaw in talent, style and also personal issues; but worth a 6th round pick, high rewards.

Based on who the Giants have signed and the positions they focused on. It seems to me that they are going draft a DL or a OL in the 1st round. Now who that player is I'm not too sure. will give my mock draft in a couple of weeks.

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

@jaymanjay raiders just got schaub. no reason to go for the homerun pick in manziel only to have him sit behind the quarterback you just got to start and are paying some decent change. this isn't like the seahawks giving wilson the job when flynn (to the surprise of no one) didn't cut it. imho i can't see the raiders being THAT stupid.

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

I hear good things about FSU's Stork in round 3.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop 100% agree... Giants currently have big body, lane stuffers in hankins and Jenkins at DT. Patterson did fine in rushing the passer, but is not a bona fide threat as a pass rusher. Kuhn is ok as well, but also not a threat.

Donald is a freak (look at his tapes) He will create mismatches along the DL and give JPP some freedom once the league realizes that they might need to double team him. I keep reading that Donald is too small and will be a bust. Nothing is guaranteed, but based on all the video I have seen of him and the way he performed in the combine, I strongly doubt it. Donald reminds me of Warren Sapp and John Randle and if he can have a career like any of them, he would be worth being selected #12 overall.


@Peter Sinapi  .... Not really. Still wouldn't surprise me if they picked DT Donald. I would prefer Evans, but I really doubt he would make it past Detroit or Tennessee. And I don't think Reese has the guts to pick Ebron as early as #12.  That could be a slight reach for him at #12 anyway. It would be better to trade down and still get a crack at him later.


@Billy Suede I agree they did pick pick up schaub, but this guys  is 33 years old and coming of a not so great year.  Is he really the future of the Raiders? I see that pick up similar to Palmer kind of a band aide while they find a future guy.  Plus, sitting manziel to start might not be a horrible thing.  Or the raiders could just select Watkins for Schaub. 


@spider43 @Peter Sinapi How does Donald help the Offense that the Owner said was Broken.  If Reese takes a Tweener DT at 12 and the offensive line and offense struggles again next year Reese is putting his butt on the line.   donald might be great but if the offense struggles again and they miss playoffs Reese will have a tone explaining do. 

Pick Donald that high is way to risky. People keep talking about Donald in the pass rush but the Giants focus their pressure from the DE's not the DT position.  They want their DT's to be big beefy guys to clog the middle and stop the run.  Thats not Donald at all.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@jaymanjay @spider43 @Peter Sinapi Donald can play anywhere along the DL which will create problems for opposing OL. Reese can address the offense through rounds 2-6 as there will be many players available. Not sure why you describe Donald as a "tweener". Is this due to his lack of size at the DT position. If so, remember Warren Sapp and John Randle are similar in size to Donald and both of them did very well in the NFL (both Hall of Famers).

Final thought: there are no guarantees when you are selecting  a player whether its the first overall pick or  player selected in the 3rd round. Busts happen in any round. All teams need to trust their judgment and do a thorough evaluation of these players and hope that their instincts are right.