Giants putting on full-court press to retain Beason

Re-signing LB Jon Beason is currently the Giants’ top order of business right now. From Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger:

The Giants are concentrating their efforts on a deal with soon-to-be-free-agent linebacker Jon Beason, two people with knowledge of the situation told In the meantime, the remainder of their 21 unrestricted free agents have been put on the back burner.

Beason, 29, helped solidify the Giants defense when he was acquired from Carolina in early October for a seventh-round pick. The Giants allowed an average of 36.4 points in the first five games of the season before Beason’s arrival. They allowed 18.3 points the remainder of the way and finished eighth in the NFL in total defense.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Makes a load of sense to me. Beason came in last October via a trade and made an immediate impact on the defense. They haven’t had a LB with his skills since the glory days of the 1980s (outside of Jesse Armstead) and Beason has also told the media that he would like to stay. They would be foolish to let Beason get to free agency next week.


i would Rather have the 7th Round Draft Pick,

and have Finished the Season 5-11,

and be DRAFTing with the 8th PICK in EVERY Round,

thats 4 Players. per round,

the GIANTS will NOT have a Shot at....

28 Player in Total,

and for WHAT ??!!!???

For LB Beason to Show all 30 teams,

what a TOP FREEAGENT LB he is....

i have a bad feeling,

that REESE, Still in Panic Mode,

might INK LB Beason at ALL costs....

REESE's will have to OVER PAY LB Beason

to Keep him..... 

OVER PAYing F.A., is REESE's Specialty......



that 36.4 points allowed in the 1st 5 games,

and 18.3 points Allowed in the last 11 game,

was the 3, 2nd String QB's,

the 1 3rd String QB,

and the QB who was only with the Team 5 Days,

Factored in ???

How about,

that all WINs except 2 came against Teams with losing Records ???

that 5 of the Seven Teams we BEAT,


So Cherry Pick your Stats, carefully....


I think YOU Forgot about,  AP---


As a life long giants fan this seems like a no brainer, which worries me because they never go with the consensus smart play. I think they should sign beason, tag nicks or find a way to retain him for 1-2 years, make the expensive play to sign Brandon Albert. Attempt to sign a FA lb, maybe Wesley Woodyard if Jackson goes to Denver. And focus the draft on WR CB OT OG/C. I don't like the idea of wasting a pick on a TE. Even tho gilbride and pope are gone, Eli has proven he can be effective at WORST with whatever TE they use from year to year. Sign pascoe and a solid BLOCKING TE and give Adrian a year as the starter to show something. If it doesn't work out(can't be worse than Myers) draft one next year

Mike Dell Italia
Mike Dell Italia

There was no question jon beason was a difference maker. The giants have been horrible at drafting linebackers for a while now. So we basically got a really good middle linebacker for a 7th round pick. In the nfl draft it doesn't matter where u pick. He was well worth the pick and should be a giant for a long time.