Giants players, Tom Coughlin pay tribute to victims of Sandy Hook Elementary

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols tweeted the following images this morning: the “SHES” initials written on the Giants players’ helmets and on head coach Tom Coughlin’s hat.

The Giants are one of many NFL teams set to honor those victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Nichols interviewed Coughlin on “Sunday NFL Countdown,” when he had this to say about the motivation the Giants players have on this particular Sunday.

“As a New York Giants family, we should all rise and have a moment of silence recognizing the families of these children, recognizing the principal at this school where these kids were killed. Our hearts are so saddened by these events. It’s difficult to get past the killing of children, especially at that age,” Coughlin said.

“It’s a just sad, sad part of what we live with today, and our hearts go out to the families because for this to happen at Christmas, and for their hearts to be so heavy at Christmas time every year, it’s almost beyond explanation.”

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