Giants Lost Control of Season Week 13 in DC

John Fennelly , Lead Writer


The one time it really didn’t matter whether the Giants beat the Eagles, they crushed them. That was yesterday. When they really needed to beat them – in Week 4 – they blew it.

The ‘sense of urgency’ everyone around here has been citing as if it were some type of optional course of action returned yesterday after several weeks off. It arrived too late. The dye had been cast on this season way before the ball was put in the air yesterday.

The Giants needed another win along the way this season to seal a playoff spot. They couldn’t get it. All year, they just didn’t get the wins when they really needed them. As I say every year, it’s not how many games you win sometimes, but which games you win. This year, the Giants lost one too many of the wrong games.

The one game that sits in my craw more than any other is the 17-16 Week 13 loss in Washington.

I said at the time, win this game and you write your own ticket. If they had won that game, the Redskins would not have been able to catch them. The Giants would have been 8-4, three aheads of the Redskins and two over the Cowboys with four to go.

All they would have needed to do was split their final two games, which they did, and we wouldn’t be chiseling headstones this morning. Instead, they kept Washington alive and Dallas, too. They flinched when the kill shot was in front of them. For you fans of action films, you know that always ends up being costly down the road.

“This is the kind of performance that we should have been putting together a couple of weeks ago,” said DE Mathias Kiwanuka. Thanks for that. We hadn’t noticed….

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin speak after the game about the 42-7 victory over the Eagles and failing to make the playoffs.