Giants GM Jerry Reese on Manti Te’o: ‘It’s hard to say right now’

Early on in NFL Draft labs, prognosticators have pegged the New York Giants to look to fill numerous voids come April. One of the team’s most glaring needs is at middle linebacker, where Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o has emerged as one of the best entering the professional ranks.

However, storm of uncertainty has fallen upon Te’o, with his girlfriend hoax making national headlines for a week now.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger, Giants General Manager Jerry Reese addressed the prospect of drafting Te’o, reminding everyone that despite his talent and the controversy surrounding him, it’s still early in the draft process … for everyone.

“Well, we don’t know yet, because we haven’t sat down and talked to him at all yet,” Giants general manager Jerry Reese said at the Senior Bowl this morning, when asked if the strange situation would be a red flag. “And again, it’s still early, most people don’t know the details. I know I don’t know all the details, and so it’s hard to say right now.”

Reese and many other GMs will have the opportunity to inquire more about the hoax in one-on-one interviews leading up the NFL Draft.

Who knows — perhaps the hoax story will subside by the spring — or maybe more information will surface as the perpetrators let their story be heard.

It remains early in the process as teams prepare their big boards for April. Reese appears to be giving Te’o a fair chance … for now.

“It’s still early in the process,” Reese said. “Everybody will interview, have interviews. We interview most all the players, and so we’ll interview him, just like we interview everybody else. If he’s in the right spot, and we like him well enough, any of these guys could be a possibility, including him. He’s in the mix with everybody else, but there’s a lot of work to do before April. We’ll get all the information that we can gather on these players and we’ll see how that goes. But right now it’s still too early to tell which direction we’ll go (in the draft). But like always, with us, we pick the best player that’s on the board at the time.”

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